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Posted: 3/6/2015 1:41:12 PM EDT
Avoid Daytona Tactical
Daytona tactical listed reasonably priced AR15 Pistol Kit and seemed to be a decent kit. I went looking for reviews and aside from a post here on AR15 there weren't really any. Shipping was fast and the Ar15 pistol kit came packed as expected. I assembled my AR15 pistol kit from Daytona tactical and headed to the range with a collection of virgin lowers. Cleaned off the packing grease, lightly lubed the AR15 Pistol and proceeded to put lead down range. First 5 shots were fun and the AR15 Pistol Kit From Daytona Tactical seemed to be running. Then all hell broke loose, FTE, FTF and the BCG would not lock to the rear at all. I assumed this AR15 Pistol Kit from Daytona Tactical might not like my Lower so I swapped, repeated and got the same results. Just to be safe, I tested the upper recover from Daytona tactical AR15 pistol Kit on a friends pistol and got the same results. I changed the BCG, same results. In the end I thought ok, let's send this AR15 pistol kit back to Daytona tactical. And the saga continues. I was told to ship it back and they would reimburse me for the shipping costs. And I should have it back in about 3 days. I gave Daytona Tactical a week to be safe. After a week I called Daytona Tactical about my AR15 Pistol kit to see how it was going and learned they had lost it in a pile of parts and wasn't sure where it was. After a few minutes of searching the guy at Daytona tactical was able to locate my AR15 pistol upper and informed me they would look at it today and get it back out ASAP. The next day I called Daytona tactical and was fed the largest load of bullshit I have ever heard! "The reason it malfunctioned was because it had too much grease on it and it was jamming up." After a few seconds of me explaining that the weapon was cleaned gently lubed and still malfunctioned. The guy on the phone at Daytona tactical suddenly remembered my part and said they tested it and it was functional.
Link Posted: 3/6/2015 6:00:17 PM EDT
Sounds like the gas block was loose.

Why is this in the piston forum?
Link Posted: 3/9/2015 11:32:12 AM EDT
It's not the gas block entirely. The BCG would not lock to the rear manually. I suspect it's just out of spec.

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