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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/27/2006 9:57:14 AM EST
I swore off Remington rimfire ammo years ago as being the bottom of the barrel. Lately, however, I noticed several posts here and elsewhere saying that their Golden Bullets were pretty good stuff for the money. What especially caught my attention were several posts here claiming that the GBs performed well in .22 AR conversions.

My old 1:12 barrel with an M261 conversion would put Winchester Dynapoints into consistent 3/8” groups at 25 yards literally all day long, or till you got tired of doing it. I’m now using a 1:12 upper that isn’t as consistent. The DPs will occasionally turn in a 3/8” group but the next one is just as likely to be 7/8” or anywhere in between. Very annoying. So I though I’d try some of the Rem Golds in it.

Before shooting the GBs in the AR, I tested them in three other rifles—one bolt and two autos—of known accuracy. There were no duds or squibs in these tests, but about half the rounds fired sounded subsonic and the other half supersonic. The groups were interesting. Many of them had four (or three) shots in a very tight cluster, with one or two obvious flyers a half inch or more away. For example, one group from a Winchester 69A bolt action measured .670, but four shots were in a tight .258. (In contrast, Federal Walmart Bulks can usually be counted on to evenly distribute five shots over 5/8” to ¾”, regardless of gun used.) In each of these three rifles, the GBs managed to produce ONE (out of six) extremely tight group with no flyers. In the Win 69A and a Rhineland R22, this tight group measured .195. My DPMS M4 put five rounds into one even tighter group of .150. Overall, however, the Golden Bullets in these three rifles placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th out of six brands of ammo tried in each—not the worst but clearly not the best accuracy.

On to the AR/M261/1:12. The Rems did surprisingly well in the AR. The six groups went like this:

4 shots in .352, with one flyer an inch low.
5 shots in .315, no flyers. (Sweet!)
5 shots in .953, with three of them nicely clustered
4 shots in .330, with one flyer over an inch low
5 shots in .635, with three nicely clustered.
5 shots in .600, with three in a single hole.

For comparison, the Dynapoints in the same rifle fired groups of:

.456, .695, .884, .358, .955, and .485. There were no flyers in these groups, the wide groups were evenly dispersed.

Federal Walmart Bulk groups went:

1.418, 1.038, .454, 1.127, .498, and .832. Again, no flyers or clustering.

The Golden Bullets have shown me that they will throw flyers in any gun. That being the case, and discounting the flyers in the AR, the GBs turned in a very creditable performance. I do believe that they will be my ammo of choice in this particular AR upper, allowing me to save my Dynapoints (which are usually a bit hard to get in my area) for the rifles that really appreciate them (such as the DPMS and the R22, which average .313 and .285 with them, respectively).
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