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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/15/2005 1:06:12 PM EDT
Remember that POS DPMS dissy upper I have that wouldn't cycle, then wouldn't shoot, and I had to recrown it, then I had to drill a .125" port to have it cycle all ammo from XM193 to Wolf?

Just in case, here it is.

Well, I figured that I may as well learn about these things. It was already broke: how much more broke could it get? I wanted to see how recontouring this barrel would effect its group size. So, I sent it to Steve at Adco to have in recontoured to a lightweight profile under then handguards. It came back in about a week, looking great and weighing much less than the boat anchor it started out as. I put the thing back together again, with its DPMS FF ventilated tube. I took it to the range today. The mechanical zero was off. So, I fixed that with a front post adjustment. I shot it at 300 yards with Radway Green, and didn't hit much. I switched to some moly Sierra 69 grain home loads with H335 and LC brass. After three clicks right and one down (front post), I was able to hit a 6" diameter steel plate at 300 yards about 2 out of 5 shots, with the standard iron sights. Next time, I'm going to paint the plate white; it was black against a background of dirt. I was able to keep all shots within the 9-ring of a standard 200 yard HP center (most inside the 10-ring); I don't have any 300 yard centers. I experienced no failures to fire with ammo used: Radway Green, home loads, and Wolf. BTW, I am not too certain that the Wolf even hit the side of the mountain, but it went bang anyway. Group size did not shift or move as barrel got hot, and the FF tube got very hot to hold. For its reward, I gave it a shot of Kroil down the bore and a trip to the safe. THAT rifle is clean enough: no need to clean it when it shoots straight. The dirt may be the thing that keeps it shooting straight: if it aint broke, don't fix it.

This thing groups BETTER after having Steve recontoured the barrel. He saved it from being a short tomato stake. I guess I'll keep it, until I need cash for my CAR build from parts. Well, I need the cash now, but I just may keep it...a bit longer.


I was going to shoot my WOA SPR upper, but I accidentally hit the FSB and knocked it off center. How is the heck does one get those straight!!!!???? I'll make a seperate post of that.
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