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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/27/2005 8:26:57 PM EDT
Today it was the third time I shot my first and only AR, a Rock River standard A4 with 20" bbl and quadrails (.223). I have been shooting for years old curio and relic rifles, this is my only modern high power one. In order to begin to famiiarize myself with the potential accuracy of my AR, but without rushing yet to spend a lot of money on a good scope-mount combo, I have bought a RRiver one-piece mount (1" rings) for a cheap Burris 3-9 x 40 with duplex reticle which I happened to already have available (worth about 30 dollars 3-4 years ago). My plan is to use this set-up just to familiarize myself a bit to shooting with optics, and then upgrade to a decent quality fixed 10x40 (say, around $300) for shooting targets at 1-200yards.

Now, the problem I have with this temporary set-up is that the scope, at the lowest setting, shoots about 10" high at 100 yards. However, holding at the point where the duplex reticle gets thicker, I still got some encouraging results for a first attempt (top: first three shots with the above method, below remaining three shots. The barrel was a bit dirty after about 35 rounds, my initial impression is that groups may open up a bit after the first 20-30 rounds):



- On average, what is the range of elevation adjustment (from center to either bottom or top) for a fixed 10x scope in the $300 range?
- Any recommendation for a 10x40 with 1" tube?
- Would you guys expect that the above elevation problem is primarily due to the cheap scope? The mount was quite centered and holds zero when taken off and put back.


Link Posted: 12/27/2005 9:02:06 PM EDT
Totally unfounded questions.

Price has nothing to do with your "Clicks". They're either 1/8 ". 1/4" or 1/2" increments...period. If you have a cheap scope, they won't hold these clicks very well.

Stop screwing around. If you want to play seriously with a "Traditinal" type optic, go get a Leupold 3 X 9 Vari X III for around $300.00., plus base and rings. (An additional $125.00)

If you want a more Tactical scope, look at the EOTechs for around $350.00, and if you want to go "Top Shelf, No Dust" start looking at the ACOG's.

That simple. Pay to play!

Link Posted: 1/3/2006 7:38:48 PM EDT
Tack, thanks for trying to help, but I do not think you read my note carefully. I was not asking how much each click is, but what is the total range of adjustment available (i.e. how many clicks are available). I now found, on a few articles written by Fortier on Shotgun News, some information on a few mid-price scopes. Lowest I found is a IOR with total range adjustment available of 70 MOA, highest is the Super Sniper 10x with 150 MOA.

I also do not understand why would you recommend an EOTECH (which I already have) when I say that my interest is punching paper at 1-200 yards. You sure can get excellent accuracy with the Eotech, but a 4-10x scope should give you tighter groups if the shooter does his part....Oh yes, also my "screwing around" helped me to understand that I am not really interested in variable magnification..... I am glad I did it.

So, based on the preliminary testing done, I decided to buy a Super Sniper 10x with LaRue mount, this way I should be able to easily switch between Eotech (general plinking, self-defense) and a scope for target shooting at fixed 1-200 yard distances.
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