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Posted: 6/5/2008 4:54:32 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/5/2008 4:54:46 AM EST by chapperjoe]
Last night I took out my brand new 9mm and brand new 45

On the 9mm, the eotech got sighted in quick, and was simple to pick up and shoot.
Trigger is single and broke well, cav-comp did its job, with minimal flash but a little increased noise.
The crack from any 9mm was noticeable here as well.
The gun handles very very well with entry stock and cavarms hg's.
Sling was unnecessary on this little guy.
Iron sights were too close to my eye to really use well.
What the heck, it's just a fun/range gun anyway.....

...but only when it actually works.
which was not often.
had alot of the pictured malfunction.

brand new rifle with WWB 115gr 9mm fmj.
The only thing not perfect on it is that the shell deflector isn't snug (lost that pin).
Rounds were not bouncing back in, I had a buddy check....

and cases came out as such:

mags were all preban colt 20's, BHO functioned 100% every time.

Not sure if the mag block needs to be acdjusted or the ejector tuned somehow....

....but the star of the night was my 45!

It's a brand new build.. .. had trouble with rounds not ejecting with hand-cycling at home.

But at the range, she ran like a freaking swiss clock on steroids.
Guess 45 blowback guns need more power than my arm has to work!

She ate 230's without a hitch - aguilas FMJ and Winchester SXTs - from every mag I had.

recoil was ZEEEEEEERO.
the miculek worked extremely well and the side flash/noise was negligible.
muzzle just stayed on target.

my circle in circle irons worked great.

brass does fly pretty far to 5 o clock

the cavarms lower gives a reduced weight but did not increase recoil at all since its a great length.

Didn't need a sling - rifle was light and stable on its own

Masterful performance by all involved.

First twenty rounds after sight-in:

*All targets were at a mitchell-field induced distance of 720 ......... inches

here's the 45 again, she's unclear there...

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