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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/25/2003 7:48:28 PM EST
Took two Colt Preban Carbines out this morning. Had 'em for awhile, but made some modifications and new optics.

1. Gov't Carbine, LW 1/7 flat top 16" with new ACOG TA31f. New ambi safety (I'm a lefty) and new Accuracy Speaks single stage trigger.

2. Sporter with 16" 1/9 HBAR, SIR #46, Aimpoint, new ambi safety but with original trigger.

Southern Ariz., 8am 85 degrees.


Ambi Safety was awkward to work with the FOBUS 27 pistol grip. Had to reposition hand on grip. Still, much better than working a RH safety with the left hand.

Original LW carbine foregrip became hot after no more than 3 mags within 7-8 minutes. SIR, of course, remained perfectly cool.

Handling difference between LW ( orig. foregrip)and HBAR w/ SIR was dramatic. LW was quicker to acquire the target for the first shot, but the HBAR was much quicker for followup shots, or reaquiring the target. Forward pistol grip helped the handling of the HBAR/SIR. Hard to say which I would choose, if I had to take only one with me.

New ACOG was a real challenge. Couldn't achieve the BAC concept (both eyes open). Guess I'm one of those folks who find it difficult. My Aimpoint (and the Eotech which was on the Gov't Carbine before the ACOG) were much faster and easier, but obviously less precise. I compared the Aimpoint and ACOG at 25 and 50 yards with regular targets, and at 100 yards with 12oz and 20 oz bottles. I was surprised how easy it was to get hits on a soda can at 100 yds with Aimpoint, both eyes open, freehand standing. The ACOG was a bit better at 100 yds, but still took work to reaquire quickly.

LW rifle jumps around alot, compared with HBAR.

At around 3 lbs, the Accuracy Speaks trigger was a bit too light. Talked with Derrick, and he suggested a simple way of making it heavier. I put it into the Gov't Car. because the original trigger was shit. For some reason, the original trigger in the Sporter is fantastic.

I suppose none of this is surprising to most of you, but it was useful for me. I still need to answer how I can incorporate the ACOG into a tactical system. I can't imagine using it at 25 yds. the advantages outside 100 yds. are obvious. Do you guys set up one rifle with interchangeable optics, or commit to one? (yes, I read the "best general optic" post). I would welcome comments, especially on how best to combine the optics with the different uppers. Thanks. GH
Link Posted: 8/26/2003 8:40:27 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/26/2003 8:44:38 PM EST by model927]
I have the telescopic acog 4x32 for longer range and the compact acog for close up,both self luminous,and with carry handle mounts,both can be used in the dark and I have the case built into the side of my vest to the rear so my arm clears but I can still reach, stored verticly with a quick release closure and a double compartment to fit both optics.My rifle is a pre- bushy carbine 14.5/phantom HBAR,M4 handgaurds and the new style telestock with heavy buffer,I like the extra weight and the heavier barrel takes the heat from rapid fire better,besides is slung in the low carry so the extra pound dont matter especialy with all the gadgets available,the optis add maybe 1/2 pound,Go Heavy..
Link Posted: 8/26/2003 9:24:28 PM EST
I am left eye dominant but shoot right handed. I can shoot Eotechs, Aimpoints, and Iron sights with both eyes open, but not ACOGs.
Link Posted: 8/27/2003 3:09:31 PM EST
I had my HBar turned down to .75" all the way. I find it to be a good compromise between the heat absorbtion quallities of the HBar and the light weight of a pencil barrel. I also noticed it swings faster and recoils more than it used to. I added a vert grip which helps with fast follow up shots and doubles AS far as optics go I use a TA01 NSN with a docter optics red dot on top. The TA31 is a great idea, but no matter what people may say a magnified optic is not as quick in close as a 1x red dot. My docter is bright and has a big 7MOA dot. It is real quick. I use the docter for any shot I can take off hand. If the shot is one I have to kneel, go prone, or find a rest for then I'll use the Acog. Also as far as fore ends go, the SIR weighs around a pound. I opted for a Danial Defense FSP 9.5. This hand guard has an alluminum barrel nut and weighs about 3 oz more than the parts it relaces. It is a mid lenght with a cut out for the 16" front sight base. This gives me room to mount a vert grip and bipod at the same time. If you use the vert grip while fireing prone you can follow up real fast. Last weekend I was shooting at a 10" steel plate from 275 yards. I was hitting it so fast that after I stoped shooting I heard two hits.
Link Posted: 8/27/2003 8:53:37 PM EST
I have been running a TA-11 ACOG for several years now. What I have found is with shooters new to the ACOG I have them track on targets about the size of a pie plate at about 10 yards. Three to four different targets. I have them quickly track between the targets as if one of them was going to suddenly be a threat. I then start yelling out which one is the threat and have them dry fire at that target. They figure out the BAC very quickly. If you go to the range and try to work with the BAC on one target at 25+ yards you'll never figure it our. Hell just walk through your house tracking and snapping at random targets (with an empty rifle)you'll get it. On the barrel/SIR question, here is a pic of my rifle. It is very fast on target and balances just between the mag well and the M900A. [img]http://www.hunt101.com/img/054105.jpg[/img]
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