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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/29/2002 5:22:18 PM EDT
Took my RRA M4gery to the range today with an assortment of ammo inlcuding some reloads that I just did. I picked up some pulled M109 62 gr. bullets from a friend to try. I loaded Lake City brass with 25.9 gr. of Varget under the 109 bullets. Based on the load data that I have I should have gotten close to 3000 fps.

My reloads were the most accurate giving me MOA and a velocity of 2750+ fps. A little lean but again these are 62 gr. bullets.

I bought some PMC commercial the other day so I also had that on hand to test. These have a 55 gr. bullet. Accuracy was not very good with about 3+ inches at 100 yds and dismal velocity of 2650+ with a good deal of variance.

The last was the Guatemalan military surplus. The ammo I bought was pretty dark and grungy with corrosion but no dents. I have not had one failure with this stuff and I am getting just under 3100 fps with the 55 gr bullet. Accuracy is pretty good. I have shot some under MOA groups only to have that flyer come along and open up the group to over an inch.

Im going to up the load with the M109 projectiles to 26.2 gr. of Varget and see what I get. I also have some M193 pulled bullets to that I am going to experiment with. My goal with the 55 grainers is 3200 from my 16 inch barrel. Should be interesting. BTW anyone have any idea the pressure limit on an AR-15?

Good shooting

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