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Posted: 11/13/2002 3:11:15 PM EDT
ok, i am getting (when i have the funds) the m4 tact entry from RRA. my question is to get the removable gas block or not. I dont have much money so i am looking at a kobra red dot for my sight, i have one for my AK and for the money it is awesome. Ok, so with the gas block installed is there a front sling swivel? Does anyone one have the tact handle and front sight wtih a kobra? can you co-witness the kobra or does it sit too high on the tact handle? if i put the kobra on the flattop is there room for a flip up sight on the flat top too? if so can that be cowitnessed? I know many may not have this setup but MUCH thanks to anyone how does and gives advice.
Link Posted: 11/13/2002 3:20:18 PM EDT

I just ordered a Elite LE Tactical CAR A4 from RRA. I got them to put the gas block and removable front sight on mine. I asked about the front sling swivel and they (Steve) said that is does. But with the order to specify gas block with front sling swivel to make sure. The gas block is $30 and the removable sight is $20. As for the rest of you questions, sorry but I don't know. I hope I helped you a little bit anyway.
Link Posted: 11/13/2002 3:23:30 PM EDT
yes it does, thanks a lot. Can anyone else help with the rest of my questions???
Link Posted: 11/13/2002 3:34:31 PM EDT
Why do you want a front gas block?

Keep in mind that the further you deviate from the "stock" model pushes your order out beyond one month to several months. I'm not an incredibly patient individual so I nearly went Ape Sh* waiting for mine and all I had special ordered was the comp and chrome lined barrel/chamber.

Re: Kobra. Just say no. I too had one on an AK, and it works adequately for that purpose, I mean... shit its an AK so expectations for performance are well... you know... I shot three gun for two years with an AK + Kobra and laugh at myself daily for doing it.

Look through the archives here and you will find several discussions of this very issue. Save up an extra hundred fifty bucks and just get the aimpoint. You won't regret it.

The Yuckman
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