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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/6/2005 8:46:33 PM EDT

I've got this awesome wife who happens to control the purse strings pretty tightly.

After missing out on a Glock 17 at a local police suppliers Glock Days for $410, I vented a little bit and apparently she felt/feels a little guilty. Shortly after our discussion, she asked if I'd mind her working over-time hinting it'd benefit me.

Anyway, she's now worked three over-time shifts, one each the last three weekends. The envelope of cash is up to $600 post-tax dollars. She hasn't let on how long she intends to keep this up but she is having fun teasing me.

Here's my issue, if $400 is all I could spend I want a Glock 17, if she continues up to $850, I want to get a complete RRA 9mm carbine as I've been Jonesing for a 9mm AR for a long time, should she continue even further, I'm wondering if I should hold out, get another Colt 6920 on letterhead at LE price, keep the full-circle bolt carrier (or the entire carbine if it's as straight as the one I've got) and then sell off one of them, and then get the 9mm carbine and possibly the Glock also. The last option requires some patience as I may have to wait a month or more for the 6920 but according to Pete at Legal-Transfers, the RRA 9mms won't be available until October at the earliest anyway.

What would you do? Any opinion is valued so don't hold back.

Link Posted: 9/6/2005 8:58:54 PM EDT
i just recently bought a colt 6450 9mm carbine and love it!

think it might be the most used ar for awhile
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