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Posted: 9/22/2004 7:07:02 PM EDT
I am going to order a 20' Varmint Upper from RRA. I would like a national match free float tube and hand guard. Will this work? Also what is the difference in thermo mold and injection mold hand guards?
Link Posted: 9/22/2004 8:15:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/22/2004 8:20:21 PM EDT by Bigger_Hammer]

(A)The typical RRA Varmit rifles use an aluminum free float tube that functions as the handguard. It is basically just a Big Round Metal tube. I believe that RRA also gives you the option / choice to subsitute the smooth round tube for a multi-rail tube. It gives the AR a space gun - race gun look. I don't believe that varmit tube would be allowed for NRA highpowered Service Rifle match - but you could use it for open class matches. This is the set up most often offered on the hyper accurate guns for the long range open matches.

(B)The "National Match" Free Float Tubes & Handguards have a very thin metal tube that runs underneather the "regular" A-2 handguards . The handguards lock into the end of the freefloat tube, rather than the normal AR set up which attaches the handguards and sling to the standard front sight base which is attached to the bbl - thus affecting accuracy. Teh National Match Handguards gives the look of a standard issue AR-A2 with the benefits of a free floated bbl. for best accuracy without being affected by sling tension or the affects of the handguards touching on the barrel while shooting. This setup is used for competitors in the NRA Highpowered Service Rifle Matches because it mirrors the "exact look" of the AR Service Rifle.

Depending on what you want to shoot (Matches?) or want your rifle to look (wild or mild)

Hope this information helps!!

"Bigger Hammer"

Link Posted: 9/22/2004 8:55:34 PM EDT

Originally Posted By highhand:
I am going to order a 20' Varmint Upper from RRA. I would like a national match free float tube and hand guard. Will this work?

No, it won't. I'm not sure what the inside diameter of a NM tube is, but I don't think they can even handle a regular bull barrel. The RRA varmint barrels are even thicker than most bull barrels.

Go to www.adcofirearms.com/ and look at their Rock River pages. They sell the better quality thermplast handguards for only a couple dollars more than what the RRA site lists the cheap ones. Their RRA barrels page lists a 20" NM barrel that should fit under the NM handguards and already has the sight tower.

Injection molded handguards are cheap plasticy things. The thermoplast are still plastic but are a much higher quality of polymer.
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