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Posted: 5/9/2004 7:28:02 PM EST
OK, I wasn't expecting much when I bought this thing, but I was expecting it to at least zero in and the elevation adjustment to adjust up and down and the windage adjustment to move the POI fro left to right. Hell, I even expected it to hold zero for 10 rounds.

Well, I zeroed my irons (I had a free float quad rail tube installed last month) and the AIMPOINT.

Then, it was time to play with the laser. It was amazing. The elevation adjustment would not only move up and down, but would move right to left. Then, the windage adjustment would move the POI up and down.

I finally put it in a vice and got the laser to a point that was 6 inches low at 25ft.

We went out and shot ten rounds. Then I loaded 20 more. The POI had already changed. It changed as I shot the magazine.

Not even any good as a toy!

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 11:04:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 5:16:45 AM EST
Talk about gtting even less than you pay for

Oh well, its funny becasue i have a couple of BSA red dots that work fine. One is on a Mac 10 and the other is on a MAADI AKM.

Of course, my AIMPOINT is on my CQB AR. I ain't gonna bet my life on a BSA anything!
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 9:39:13 AM EST
I'm glad you posted this. You've added solid foundation to another thread that's currently running here regarding items being overpriced from mil contractors that eventually sell to civilians.

This is a prime example of why there are those of us that pay those prices to get products we know will hold zero, function under adverse conditions, or simply give us our money's worth.

I don't think you did any kind of unrealistic test.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 8:38:13 PM EST
Now you now why the OTAL's and the Surefire L72's are so expensive. I won't consider any others besides a Laser Devices, Surefire, or mil-spec designator. Anything less and it's just a toy IMHO. Except for one or two Green lasers I know of, this is why almost all the green lasers out there suck as a weapons laser (structurely weak), and even the two better ones I know of are marginal or bulky.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 10:47:19 PM EST
Hey Mike, always good to talk to you. What are the two green ones you've come across?

Link info?
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 8:28:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/11/2004 8:32:44 PM EST by AK_Mike]
Green Beamshot


Remember that currently green lasers use an IR diode and a crystal splitter. This means not all the power is coming out as green, you lose the rest. As a result, one must up the power to compensate which means a much higher power drain and more heat in the module. Since they do not utilize a green laser diode, the physical layout of an IR laser and cystal splitter is not as stable and durable. I imagine that the alignment of diode to splitter is critical.

So, loss of power, increased power drain, more heat and components contributing to lower durability.

The first link is to a unit that suffers these drawbacks, and does not make lasers of the strength and precision as the top red laser makers. The second uses a beefy mount to take care of the durability, and probably acts as a heat sync.

"Why Green? At 530nM. the human brain perceives green to be much brighter than the more common red lasers. The method used to create the green involves taking a high power IR laser and passing the beam through a crystal that splits the wavelength in half. It takes 200mW of IR to make a 5mW green beam. Because of the high power used, the laser needs much more current than the red laser. The green also produces more heat and needs very stable thermal control. Because of this, the green laser is hard mounted inside of a sturdy aluminum housing that provides plenty of heat-sink and shock protection. Instead of jacking around the laser module inside of the housing to aim the laser, the entire laser housing is moved during adjustment. The green laser pulls around 220 mA of current compared to about 30mA for the red laser diodes. Because of this, manufacturers of cheaper green lasers will turn down the output, and pulse the beam. This makes the battery last longer; but reduces output to 1/10 maximum power."

The last link:
Surefire Green Laser

I was not aware that the Green Laser from Surefire is available yet. I know the prototypes are out - our ARF brother PincoPalla (lucky @^#%#*!!) has played with one. Another company I know has had them (L80) on order for three years (SF doesn't even stock red L72's, they are made after being ordered). The technology of the L80 is no better than the others as far as I know, but probably the best quality of most already out. I asked Laser Devices how their research was progressing and when they were going to come out with a green laser. They said they weren't bothering with any development until the technology has advanced (green laser diodes) and until that is out, they won't be attempting to offer a green laser. Damn. Green OTAL? Hell Yeah!

Sorry to go off thread, but people keep asking about green lasers...
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 11:00:01 PM EST
Yeah that sounds like me.

Thanks for the links.
Link Posted: 5/12/2004 10:47:00 PM EST

Originally Posted By SC-Texas:
OK, I wasn't expecting much when I bought this thing,

Sometimes, ya gotta learn the hard way! Glad you were at least brave enough to share your experience, and hopefully save a few others from buying it. I think everyone here has probably bought some POS item before, but only few will admit it. For me, it was cheap Chinese scopes and bipods, and a "Hellfire" trigger device in my AK phase in the early 90's.
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