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Posted: 8/28/2004 7:25:12 AM EDT
Yesterday afternoon, me and my brother took our ARs out for a little trigger time. I recently acquired and mounted an Aimpoint to my M4gery and he just bought his AR, equipped with a Holosight. Both sights were spot on from 100-500 yeards. Using a little Kentucky windage (hold high and right [cross wind]) I was nailing a litle sage brush sprouting up in a plowed wheat field at what we both figured to be close to 500 yards. OK, maybe it was 450, but the point is, these red dots will allow you to accurately engage beyond ranges of 200-300 yards. Now, to the real point of this post: Towards the end of our shooting trip, I pointed to a piece of shiny material (broken glas jar?) that looked to be about 150-200 yards out in the plowed field. Of course, we were both nailing it with our red dots. After we had nailed 10-20 times each, I asked him to try my Aimpoint. Wow! he said. "I like this a lot better than the holosight." I asked why. He said "Because with the holosight, there is too much distraction with the outside ring." I tried his rifle and came away with the same impression. in both of our opinions, the nice clean dot on the Aimpoint is superior and less "busy". Maybe the EOtech/Holosight is as good or better in CQB, but out shooting at distances, we found the Aimpoint to be the superior sighting device.
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