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Posted: 9/19/2004 9:41:12 PM EDT
I read somewhere that certain rifling twist rates will literally tear a ballistic tip or other soet tip bullet apart as it is fired and it will shatter after leaving the barrel due to the jackets, is this true?

I know i fired a 40 Grain ballistic tip from my one bushmaster with a 1-9 twist and it hit a ground hog at 30 yards(the ground hog had a broken spine it was amercy killing!) and there was no exit wound just the insides sloshing around like they liquifyed! It did not even twitch after it was hit!

My question is, if i use a 55 grain or higher ballistic tip will it be stable, accurate and sturdy enough to withstand the rifling twist? If not why wouldn't it?

I'm asking because if this ends up being my bugout rifle i want to have hunting type bullets for food as well as FMJ on hand, but need to know if it will work.

I have one Bushmaster "Shorty AK" 14.5 inch barrel with muzzle brake and one twenty inch military configuration Bushmaster XM-15A2 with flashider and bayo net lug! Both are 1-9 twist rate!
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 12:40:50 AM EDT
You aren't gonna have any trouble using 55 gr JSP's in a 1:9 twist. It's possible that a really fast twist with a 40 gr varmint bullet might cause some issues. But you'll be ok with your set-up. Now as to accuracy, well, your gun will have it's own opinion. Just try out different stuff and see what your rifle prefers. A type of ammo that may shoot into groups less than an inch in diameter may shoot 3" groups from another seemingly identical gun. So there's really no way to tell outside of shooting them to see.

BTW, for defensive use, I suggest avoiding varmint bullets altogether. Varmint bullets lack the necessary penetration qualities to be ideal for use against human predators or deer. Use mil-spec M193 or 68/75 gr OTM for defense. Or if you'd like the same round for hunting and defense, you might give the Winchester Supreme 64 gr Power Point Plus a try. Either of those will give you several extra inches of penetration over the best varmint bullets.

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