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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/4/2005 3:04:57 PM EDT
Hello all,
I'm rather new to the site, and I did a search and I've kept my eyes open but I haven't seen an answer to my question. If there is already a post or a site, if you could direct me to it that would be amazing. Anyways, on to my question. I have a RRA Entry Tactical, with front sight base intact and a ARMS 40 on the flattop along with a Aimpoint for my primary optics. I wanted to throw a better scope on for target shooting, and I started looking around for rings or a mount that would get the scope over the front sight. I was looking around and I found on B-Square's page they mentioned their Flattop mount for a ar15 will raise a scope over the front sight, but the base for their scope mount covers almost the whole flattop. I was looking for a mount that I could switch to without removing the ARMS sight. I know Armalite makes a one piece mount like this one, but I wasn't sure if their mount will clear the front post. I have nothing against rings either, but I saw the B-Square mount and that seemed the best of both worlds to me untill I realized I would have to strip the ARMS every time I wanted to put the scope on. I've got rails on the front as well, so I could cheat forward with the mount and leave the ARMS on if nothing else, but that doesn't look as good and im not sure if the rail covers I have on will give me trouble or not with the overhang from the scope mount. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks again guys-

BTW here is the URL for the bsquare mount
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 3:28:15 PM EDT
I'm using the B-square mount on my 20" amd I love it but your right it does cover the whole rail. All I can think of is to get another upper and use it for the longer range target shooting if you don't want to take the BUIS on and off. I'm no expert so maybe someone else has more insight
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 8:06:56 PM EDT
First off, welcome to ar15.com!

I have the B-Square riser mount, but without the integral rings. I added Weaver extra-high rings with a Bushnell 3-9x32 (cheap, will be replaced eventually) ot it, and it clears my BUIS when mounted one slot forard of it. Not quite optimal for eye relief (I end up crawling the stock a little), but it will work. Just be warned that the mount has a small recoil lug (looks like a fat [.1"] round pin) that sticks down underneath it when you mount the thing. The lug put a small scrape into my upper, just enough to irritate me and warrant a call to B-Square, but making no functional difference.
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