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6/2/2020 2:34:59 PM
Posted: 1/9/2003 12:20:27 PM EDT
I was just wondering if anyone ever had a super bull barrel turned down at the end and threaded to accept flash and sound suppressors.

Is this a stupid idea?  If so, please dont hold back, I honestly dont know.

I've heard that bull barrels are more accurate.  I can't back that up, but I'm sure at least some think it so, whether they are or not.  I do not understand how the thickness of the barrel makes a difference, unless it's a vibration thing.

But I've never seen a bull barrel turned down (though I haven't seen many barrels compared to most of you folks) and I was wondering if maybe it was a common practice.

Let's say you had a 1-1/8" super bull barrel, would turning down the end of it and then threading it be a bad idea?

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Link Posted: 1/9/2003 12:38:58 PM EDT
Had a std DPMS Bull done, not had a chance since putting back together to shoot it. Did 1" pretty easy @ 100 when I first got it, using 52gr Hornady HP handloads.

Link Posted: 1/9/2003 2:40:01 PM EDT
The secrets to bull barrels are as follows.

1. The thicker barrel helps to minimize barrel whip (harmonics).
2. The thicker barrel will not heat up as fast due to heat dissipation. The colder the barrel, the less movement whip it will have.
3. The open muzzle allows for a cleaner bullet exit blast path.
4. The open muzzle allows the muzzle to be cleaned of any muzzle face fouling that can deviate the bullet exit and gas escape path.

Any modifications that will change the characteristics of the barrel may not be for the best.  By adding a muzzle device, you will run into problems with keeping the crown clean, and the possible influence that the device will add to the barrel harmonics.  On thinner barrels, an end weight can be added to minimize the end whip, but on a barrel that is all ready heavily weighted/stiff, the added weight may just be over-kill.

Also, since the 223 round has very little recoil, and the rifle is heavily weighted, the use of a brake in not needed.  Knowing this, the only other reason would be to add a muzzle protector.  If this were the reason for the device, then I would thread the barrel, and add a decorative type sleeve that would require minimal barrel reduction for threading. And, the design to be an open design to allow full access to the barrel crown face for cleaning.

Food for thought.
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 3:44:15 PM EDT
THanks for the info guys, much appreciated!

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