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Posted: 10/20/2004 6:29:28 PM EDT
Firstly, yes, this is post number one. I have been lurking for quite some time now, and, I've read, read, and re-read. I've done searches etc. I respect this board, and now I'm finally compelled to ask a question. No, it's not a trap.

Q: Can I combine manufacturer A's barrel, with B's upper reciever with C's bolt/carrier, given that all manufacturers are reputible and established. Barrel will come with extension, bolt and carrier will be assembled. From what I'm reading, A+B+C should = in spec, functioning rifle, given that A,B,C manufacturers are quality. I have allready decided to buy headspace gauges, just to be sure. I've been arguing with a freind almost daily over this. His position is that I should buy a complete upper, mine is that I can build the damn thing, and not have to wait 6 weeks, and get exactly what I want without leaving a bunch of extra parts.

I'm gonna paraphrase, can't find exact quotes, and I don't wanna. Two opinions I've seen that I think are relative to my question:

1: "trained monkeys could do it"
2: "buy your first, build your second"

Thanks, and I'm not using an emoticon for anything.
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 6:38:52 PM EDT
I was unsure about building my first AR, but then I did it, it was SO DAMN EASY!!! If you have any mechanical ability at all (like you know how to change the oil in your car) and the right tools (bench vice, action block, barrel wrench and a few common hand tools) you can do it too.
If you use quality parts they will all fit and function together. For instance my first build is made from: Ameetec lower, Bushmaster lower parts kit, Magpul 93A stock w/LMT H buffer, RRA midlength barrel, CMT upper, etc... You get the idea.
And by the way, Welcome!
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 8:04:38 PM EDT
wow howlie, your lower is identicle to my first build, lol. Uppers are quite different though

I agree, build it yourself it's a piece of cake. Alot of people around here try to make it sound harder than it is for some reason. Maybe they want to just feel important or something, but these things pretty much just fall together. I realize there are some people out there that could screw up a wet dream or fall into a barrel full of tits and come out sucking thier thumb, but I wouldn't rate it over a 3 on a scale of ten for difficulty. I've seriously had more problems assembling my son's lego sets than I did on my first AR build. There's three tricky parts IMO. The pivot pin detent, barrel nut, and maybe the bolt catch roll pin. They are in no way hard to do, but you'll need to develop a technique and it may take a little time.

Headspace gauges are a waste IMO. Buy a quality barrel and bolt/carrier and you'll be fine. Not like you can adjust it on your own anyways. I also found that it's not so hard to substitute ALOT of the tools recommended with those I already had. I personally think that the only tool thats a necessity and cannot be easily substituted is a barrel nut wrench(and a vise, but what american man doesn't have a vise?). Even for that, your torque range is so wide(35-80ftlbs) that it's hard NOT to get it in that range so a torque wrench isn't needed. I work on motors everyday and can usually get any bolt within 5 ftlbs or so by feel let alone a 45ftlbs range. Tighten it up snug, and then a little more till the next spline lines up with the gas tube hole and you're good to go.
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 8:54:41 PM EDT
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Gentlemen, thank you

edited by me. I was getting off topic, and I'm a stupid noob
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