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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/7/2003 1:16:19 PM EDT

I recently completed a DCM rifle build with an Armalite DCM upper (used but excellent condition). It works fine, but I noticed that the bolt carrier is different than the one in my Olympic carbine in that the underside of the bolt carrier is more cut away, exposing the firing pin up to the collar, whereas the Olympic carrier only shows the very end of the back of the firing pin when viewing the underside of the carrier.

My question is; is this because Armalite makes all their carriers this way (more cut away)? Or is this a national match carrier? I am not sure if it is the original carrier or not. The rifle shoots extremely accurately, but I have only one issue, that I believe is related to this type of carrier used with the DPMS bolt catch:

On my Olympic, I can pull the charging handle back while depressing the bolt lock button from the start of the pull, to lock the carrier to the rear. However, with the DCM Armalite uppper/DPMS lower and DPMS lower parts kit build, when I depress the bolt catch button from the start of the pull, it gets hung up on the bolt stop mid way. To lock the bolt back I have to pull it back first, then depress the button to lock it. This issue in no way affects functionality while firing.

My question to you Armalite owners is this: To your knowledge, is the bolt catch lever/stop different on Armalites than on other brands such as Olympic and DPMS, are your bolt carriers more open on the underside necessitating a different bolt catch? If that was true I could order an Armalite bolt catch lever to resolve the issue.

I can simply pull the bolt the rear first, then depress the bolt catch button to lock it, but when I was in the service I always depressed the bolt catch first, then held it, pulled and locked the bolt the the rear, it's a hard habit to break.

Any input is appreciated.
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 3:41:53 PM EDT
The bolt catch is the same for all rifles (AFAIK). There are a lot of different bolt carriers. Look out front on this site for some descriptions. The bolt carrier your talking about is a solution manufactures came up with to make it more difficult to go full auto. There is a problem with these carriers in that if you don't have good follow through on your shot (hold trigger to the rear, etc.) the hammer will come up and snag your firing pin collar and either prevent/hinder cycling or add undo wear on your firing pin retaining pin.
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 6:56:28 PM EDT
anybody know if there would be a problem keeping the same bolt but switching to a new bolt carrier of a different design?
Link Posted: 10/8/2003 11:08:13 AM EDT
Should be no problems.
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