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Posted: 9/24/2004 6:51:59 AM EDT
Like everyone else, I was tickled to see the meet it's end. (even if it was ten years late). Anyhow, I decided to put together a rifle I have always wanted.

I got a chance to fire a class III model of this rifle several years ago, and I have lusted after one since. Here is the deal. I bought a DPMS upper from Kiesler's Wholesale, it is a 10.5" bbl w/ a 5.5" flash hider. It has A1 rear sights, and forward assist. It came with charging handle and bolt assembly.

I then ran up on CMMG as a result of a visit to this site, and ordered a DPMS lower receiver with a 6 position collapsible stock. That decision was a hard one for me, because I really like the looks of the ACE entry length stock, however, in the end, I felt like it just wouldn't go with the overall concept of the rifle I have carried around on my "want" list for years.

I also ordered a side mount sling assembly from RRA, and one of their star selector levers. Finally, I hopped over to Brownell's and ordered an Ashley rear sight aperature that has the ghost ring and the smaller aperature on the same plane. I have already installed the Ashley, and am pleased with it. Now it is a matter of waiting for my lower and putting things together.

I am impressed with the rifles I currently see on the site, and although I would like to later build someting a little more tricked out, this rifle is more spartan in concept. I don't want optics, or lights, and more than likely I will do little else to the rifle other than maybe putting on a different pistol grip if I take a notion.

I know that some of the folks here have experience with this type set up and I wonder what kind of Pros-Cons that you have encountered?
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 7:32:10 PM EDT
Sounds like the one that I'm thinking about puting together, right down to the upper from Kiesler's. I originaly planned on a lightweight barrel but I'm having a hard time finding a chrome lined one with an A1 upper receiver. Also leaning toward the DPMS lower. I figure that they will match the best. I was thinking about an entry length stock but have deceided that a collapsible would be best as I could adjust it for myself or shorter for my son. How's the finish on your upper? Hope you get your lower soon. Enjoy.
Link Posted: 10/5/2004 9:44:00 AM EDT
I am pleased with the upper. The finish is good and the only thing that takes some getting used to is the hard chrome plated bolt carrier. I still don't have my lower. I called CMMG last week and was told that there was a back order. I was told they were in stock when I placed my order two weeks ago. I realize that sales must be brisk, but I wouldn't have placed the order if I knew I was going to wait this long. At this point, I am ready to cancel my order, sell my upper and just order a complete rifle.
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