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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/2/2003 2:30:50 AM EST
I am currently deployed soon to return home. When I get home there are a few bill s gotta take care of and then me and my girl are getting married before she deploys. I am looking at seeing how things are to sell my Pre ban Bushmaster that I have set up as an M-4. It's done, shoots great, very reliable. I just have no time to shoot it with our now 6 month old little girl around. Too busiy playing daddy however I am looking at getting a Florida outta state CCW License and am looking to replace for the time being my AR for a handgun until we get all our stuff paid off.

My Bushmaster has a serial # of I want to say 58000 I got a letter at the house from Bushmaster and all with the numbers. The lower they confirmed was definatley made before the ban but it was when they were pumping out the lowers and the "cannon confirm as to how it left the factory" I had put a new 14.5" M-4 BM barrel with Phantom suppressor welded on at the factory. A new removable carry handle was purchase mounted and zeroed. New Trijicon sites front and rear, new forend CAR-15 style and gas tube, New 4 position stock with buffer and all. Tactical sling
M-7 bayonet
I have at lesat 23 good condition some refurbished GI spec 30's
Bag master OD padded Discreet carry case.
I am wondering what the package deal would be worth with the rifle and all the stuff minus 20 mags. 1950.00 OK/too much?? I have shot it very little since I have had it rebuilt. Probably less than 3000 rounds in five years. The finish on the recievers match deep baked on laquire type finish and as far as I know that is factory. It has the A2 forward assist, brass deflector and all.
Give me feed back so I know what to advertise this rifle at when I get home please.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 2:38:57 AM EST
By the ay it also has a Surefire 6P with a red flip up cover on a Wilson COmbat front site mount. Also I was wrong on the Serial number it is L0518XX they said the reciever was manufactured on May 11th 1994.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 3:03:16 AM EST
My honest opinion is you should try to keep it. Mostly because of the question of the AWB going away or not. If it was a postban I would lean a little more towards selling it. Remember you may sell something that you may never be able to buy again. But if you have to get rid of it price for gun and the stuff with it sounds about right.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 5:00:12 AM EST
[bs] You can always buy it again. The AWB will sunset for certain and you will get the opportunity to buy a post sunset properly configured rifle, which is why I wouldn't give a bag of beans for a preban that doesn't say Colt AR-15 on it. The longer you hang onto that rifle the more of a beating you'll take on it as we get closer to the AWB. so here's some friendly advice that I suggest you consider most carefully. 1. If you [b]NEED[/b] the money: Price it to sell Bushy is a good name & will fetch some $$ but be fair or even sweeter (I would certainly go a bit lower than that). The sooner you sell the more you'll get. 2. If you will not settle for less than what YOU paid for sell it for whatever premium you feel it is worth. It will be slow to move and the bad part is the slower the sale the more imposssible to unload the preban for any sort of $$$. [b]therefore, be prepared to keep it[/b] I have a Preban norinco type 56 Underfolder that I paid too much for as a foolish youth right at the AWB. I won't sell because I won't really get what I paid for (plus inflation and the hassle of selling etc.) The weapon will drop due to the AWB, but it is a real chinese AK, giving it SOME value since the import ban is in effect. ARs don't have that insurance. Whatever remains after the AWB is going to the toilet.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 5:29:20 AM EST
I can appreciate your views and as much as I would love to see the ban I am sure it will be voted on again and passed again. Bush, Cheney, and the majority of congress have all stated publicly that they support the ban and the Fienstien ammung others have been introducing newer more strict laws to replace the 94. In my opinion gun laws rarely go away as much as I would like to see 2/3's of them go away. IF it does'nt sell I can live with it. IF it does then great either way I make out. I am not selling this for a profit or even to break even if I were to break even I would have to sell it for about 3,000.00 for everything I have done to it rebuilding it and mags, ect. But I will not be suprised at all if the ban gets passed for a further 10 years despite the CDC's findings that gun laws do nothing to significantly reduce crimes commited with guns. I hope it goes away though.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 8:46:56 PM EST
About the politics: those you mentioned are paying BS lipservice. You have no idea how badly dems AND spineless republicans suffered. Note how some dems as of late have done the unthinkable: advocated the 2nd amendment. I do not disagree with anybody in the least, that this BS will resume at some point. However, It will NOT happen before or during the AWB. It will happen later, whether it be 6 months or 6 years. As far as the rifle goes: your strategy should work out fine if you can live with keeping it. The problem with customization at the very least is that it takes all the fun away from the buyer. Then you bought the EO tech, he wanted the Aimpoit... it always gets messy. Good luck & Semper Fi!
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 2:14:05 AM EST
If $1950 is what you want you can always start there and move your way down.$1950 since you asked is high and won't get much action. If you are going to sell it because you need the money, sell it fast. There will be a day in the near future when allot of individuals and especially the vendors who are trying to get big bucks for their prebans will start cutting the prices. About a week ago I counted 51 complete rifles or lowers for sale on 1 1/2 pages of the EE. Thats a ton in comparison to a couple of months ago. Most are still trying to get top dollar especially those with the more desired Bushmasters and Colts. They are not moving well though. At the price you are thinking about, about half of the price is because it is a preban, once people that want the preban features see that they won't have to wait long for the ban to sunset buyers will dry up and sellers will come out of the wood work to get what they can. Like I said start high and move lower if you would like but don't try and hold out for that top price for long. Good Luck
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 4:19:27 PM EST
The only sound advice I can offer is this: What ever you do, DO NOT get married. Trust me on this....
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 5:09:56 PM EST
He has a 6 month old little girl, I think that he is locked in.
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 5:29:40 PM EST
I would say $1650 and all the mags and that might do it.
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 9:11:56 PM EST
I'm in your area, and would be interested in purchasing it. Let me know if and when you decide to sell it.
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