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Posted: 12/23/2002 11:28:06 AM EDT
Ok, I bought a few hundred rounds of this ammo second hand from a guy at our local gun club.  I figured it might be fun to try some of this in my Marlin 880SQ rifle.

To give a little info, the Aguila SSS is a looooong and heavy 60 grain bullet for 22LR rifles.  It is actually a SR case loaded to LR length with the larger 60 gr bullet.  The theory is that this is a longer range subsonic bullet for .22 LR rifles.  Generally, it will not cycle semi-autos.

Anyway, loaded up five rounds, took aim at the target 25 yards away and.......YUK!  Some rounds keyholed, most were all over the dang place.  I guess the twist rate in my 880SQ is just too slow to stabillize this stuff.

My questions:
1. Has anyone else tried this ammo and did it work ok for you?  In what rifle did you try it?
2. Want some ammo?
Link Posted: 12/23/2002 12:48:25 PM EDT
The ammo is EXTREEMLY accurate...........in .22's with the right twist rate.  I have shot it in several Marlins and other cheap .22's I haven't had as bad of luck as you are, but groups leave A LOT to be desired.

There is a conversion barrel for the Ruger 10/22 and the model 77.  In these barrels the bullet is a winner.

I know of two match shooters who had custom rifles made for the bullet and it is all they use.  They say it is the best they have ever tried.

See what I am getting at? It good ammo, you just need the right barrel or an expensive gun to shoot it well.

I have tried it in my AR with a 1 X 9 twist.  The groups tightened right up, but .22LR and .223 are different bore sizes so accuracy was still not worth the high cost of the ammo.
Link Posted: 12/23/2002 1:09:41 PM EDT
I shoot the SSS in my suppressed 10/22.  It's very accurate, but will destabilize at about 50-60 yards.  The standard twist rate for a .22lr is 1 in 16 (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).  The SSS round is designed for a barrel with a twist rate of 1 in 9.  I think Volquartsen and a couple other companies make barrels specifically for this round.
Link Posted: 12/23/2002 3:26:59 PM EDT
It shoots great out of my Colt SP1 1:12 Brl with a USGI M261 conversion kit.
Link Posted: 12/24/2002 5:41:40 AM EDT
I have shot a few boxes of the 60gr SSS, but not at 60 yds + yds, all shots fired from a Marlin Bolt action 22.  It appeared to shoot pretty accurate, as accurate as the run of the mill copper plated 22 HPs, but not as accurate as some match ammo.  Definitly more accurate than the those Colibris produced by Agiula.  

What I did find interesting is that it penetrated phone books better than standard and match ammo by an inch or more on average at 25 yards and although I didn't "measure" the inches into a wet phone book at 50 yds it still penetrated better.  

It seems to have more of a report than the CCI CBs in LRs and definitly more report than the Colibris.  
Link Posted: 12/28/2002 7:33:45 PM EDT
I have 500 and tried some in my Jaeger AP-74 AR copy and it would not cycle at all and had at least half keyholing.
Link Posted: 12/29/2002 10:34:24 PM EDT
I read that article in SGN about it where the author said it's designed to be shot in 1:9 twist barrels.  I decided to run some through my Bushmaster 20" with a US Airforce .22 conversion unit.  The stuff not only was inaccurate, but the cases separated at their bases.  I'm figuring it just didn't like that conversion unit.  The bad thing is I have 450 more rounds and it's not accurate in my standard 10/22 or my Romanian M1969.
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