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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/14/2003 4:14:18 PM EDT
I shot my Colt A3 CAR today at an outdoor range. The weather was drizzle with some downpours. It was somewhat cold as well.

While shooting Federal .223 Rem - 55 GR HI-SHOK, Soft point, I experienced several loss of primers. I would be shooting and have a malfunction, only to find a primer jammed in the action somehow around the bolt. Out of approx 90 rounds fired, I had this occur 5-6 times.

I have shot ALOT over the years and never had this happen.

Interestingly, a friend shooting with me had the same problem with his Savage 10FP bolt action .308. Also Federal ammo, but 168 BTHP. I have shot more 168 BTHP in my Savage than I care to remember and have never seen the loss of the primer in the action.

Any suggestions, opinions why this occurred? This is my duty ammo for my AR and I'm alittle concerned. This was my first sight-in for my new A3 upper.

Thanks for any responses,
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 5:04:38 PM EDT
Semi and full auto weapons ocassionally loose primers, this is common. Military ammo is speced to have crimped in primers to lessen the chance of one popping out and tying up the weapon at the wrong time. If "duty ammo" means your life, or others, depend on it, you might consider switching to ammo with crimped primer pockets. I have never had a primer pop out, but it probably only means I haven't had the right conditions to cause it, sounds like you may have had the right combo of weapon temp, ammo, ammo temp, and humidity.....
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 9:32:11 PM EDT
Originally Posted By easy610: This is my duty ammo for my AR and I'm alittle concerned.
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You should be, the AR15 is a system, mags, ammo, rifle, and you. If any one part does not work the whole system fails. Military brass is specifically hardened (and thicker) to resist deformation. The case head is one of the harder areas both to prevent the primer pocket from flaring and to prevent the extractor from pulling through the extraction rim. Ammunition intended to be used in AR15 should be properly hardened, have staked primers, crimped case mouths, and be loaded with cannelured bullets. The violence of the battery stroke is often enough to unseat uncrimped bullets into the leade. Uncrimped bullets are also more likely to telescope into the round and cause failures to feed and possibly high pressure rounds. As AR-wrench said, you may have encountered the right combination of factors to cause the primers to pop. Any chance water got into the bores?
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 10:32:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/16/2003 10:34:16 PM EDT by CJan_NH]
You might have simply had a bad lot of Federal-it wouldn't be the first time. Years ago I had the same problem with some Federal HP match ammo (62gr I [i]think[/i]). In addition to occasionally losing the primer the bullet would also setback frequently during chambering. Although I never took one apart I suspect the setback was due to the bullet lacking a cannelure. Switching to a different brand solved my problem immediately. Have you considered trying a different round, like the Black Hills 77gr OTM? According to the ammo gurus here that appears to be the round of choice for superior terminal performance.
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 11:50:48 PM EDT
Was just flipping through "The Black Rifle" looking for info on the upper buttstock screw and came across this on page 66. "Another fact became apparent later on when it was noted that the Winchester rounds (.224E2) would lose a considerable number of primer cups in various adverse tests. In a rain test [of the AR-15] at Aberdeen the Winchester rounds used had 50% of their primers loosened in 600 rounds. This test was repeated with the Remington loaded .222 Special with no cartridge case casualties." Rain is also noted in another passage about dropped primers.
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 11:00:36 AM EDT
Hmmmmm. It was driving rain at one point and my AR got soaked...I mean SOAKED! That could be the prob. Both my AR and my friends Savage were very wet....the entire rifle = WET. That could be the answer. Thanks to all for the responses!
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 3:23:13 PM EDT
I had some Federal .223 that blew out primers too. Unfortunately it was in my wife's gun in a 3 Gun match and a primer dropped into the trigger mechanism and kept locking up the trigger every 5 or 6 rounds. Haven't bought any Federal .223 since.
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