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Posted: 9/29/2004 10:14:48 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/29/2004 10:23:06 AM EDT by StealthyBlagga]
For the benefit of all the IPSC/3-gun newbies, I'm starting this thread where experienced competitors can post photos and descriptions of their DEDICATED match rifles. I know a lot of us also use standard rifles quite successfully in these matches, but I'd like to try keeping this thread limited to dedicated rifles only (Open, Standard or Tactical division). Here is mine:

The upper was supplied by Model 1 Sales, and the lower is a Bushmaster with JP trigger. Here is a detailed description of the design choices I made and the challenges I encountered during the build.

The barrel is Model 1's standard 20" stainless 1/9 "preban" (as it was then). You can use any barrel length you like in IPSC - I chose 20". More than 20" is unwieldy. 16" is OK if you can be sure your ammo will always make at least "minor" power factor (need to make at least 2728fps at the muzzle with a 55gr bullet). Perhaps more importantly, I like the extra punch of the longer barrel to knock down steel targets reliably at longer ranges. The trend now appears to be towards 18" barrels. My barrel came with a regular flash hider, which I unscrewed and replaced with a pre-ban threaded JP "Benny Cooley" compensater/muzzle brake; this brake works well, and complies with IPSC Standard division rules on overall size (as I recall, 1"x3" max). I used an A1 lock washer and red Loctite to index the brake, rather than a peel/crush washer, as I did not want to cause any accuracy-robbing stress around the muzzle area (though this may or may not be significant).

A free-float handguard is a useful addition for IPSC, as you often find yourself resting the forend against range props (walls, barrels etc.). My aluminum FF tube did get uncomfortably hot during extended courses of fire, though. I fixed this easily by wrapping the tube with Paracord, and this solution works great. Others have used ventilation slots cut in the aluminum tube (I don't know how well these work) or a carbon fiber tube (which would also reduce the weight, if you wanted that). I believe DPMS also offers a plastic sleeve to slide over an aluminum FF tube. I like the Paracord approach myself, and would do the same again on future rifles.

Because it has a heavy barrel and aluminum FF tube, this rifle is much heavier than my M4, and the balance is much more towards the muzzle. However, in a purely competitive rifle that is predominantly shot against the clock at 50-400yard distances, the extra weight is acceptable... I am giving up some speed of handling for stability, recoil recovery and heat tolerance. Of course, if I have to carry the rifle for any distance, I'll reach for my M4 every time .

I shoot primarily with iron sights (again, to comply with IPSC Standard rules). The rear sight is a DPMS unit; it works well, though I had to use a Dremel to lengthen an internal slot so that it would adjust up to 600M... this is a known issue with this particular sight. The front sight is a removable M&A sight base (available from Model 1 too, as I recall) into which I installed a National Match front sight post - this post is narrower than the standard A2 unit and so gives a more refined sight picture. The front sight base mounts on the Model 1 dovetail gas block, and here is where I found the only problem with this upper: the gas block size is not a good match for the front sight base... the combination of these parts puts the front sight maybe 1/4" too high, and it's impossible to get the post low enough to zero the rifle. I fixed this by machining away unwanted material at the top of the front sight base, and then using a tap to extend the threads down deep enough to correctly zero the post. This worked OK for me, but was a bit of a hassle (the correct tap is difficult to find) - in hindsight, I should have ordered the upper with a regular GI fixed front sight base (as I shoot Standard division almost exclusively). Alternatively, if you prefer a removable front sight, you could consult with your vendor to choose a gas block and front sight combination that will be closer to the correct height. Of course, this is unimportant if you will only be using optics.

I have built two rifles using Model 1 kits, and can honestly say that reliability has been perfect for both. And I do mean perfect; not one malfunction since they were built. The IPSC rifle has had several thousand rounds through it, and it never lets me down (ooops, now I've done it ). If you are going with a 16" barrel and carbine gas system, I'd suggest using an extra-power extractor spring and an H-buffer for improved reliability.

The only other mod I recommend for IPSC is to add a Johnson RediMag, which makes for really fast mag changes (particularly when prone). Also, you will notice in the photo of my rifle that I use 30-round GI magazines with rubber MagPuls turned "sideways" on the base... I do this to avoid cutting my hand during reloads and so that the mag can act as a steady monopod for prone shooting - a bipod is not allowed in Standard division.
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 10:46:06 AM EDT
JP CTR-02. 20" mid-weight barrel, 1:8" twist. JP comp built in. TA11 ACOG on TA51 mount. JP float tube. JP short-range tactical sight on fore-rail (for hosing, since it's an iron sight, it keeps me in Tactical Scoped / Modified division). CavArms C1 stock (with sling mod). CQB Solutions 3-point sling. JP low-mass operating system (but I use the SS bolt carrier when it's super dirty, like at the ITRC).

Right after RM3G-2004:
[ link to larger image ]
[ link to larger image ]

In the middle of Stage 2 at the ITRC:
[ link to larger image ]

After finishing the ITRC:
[ link to larger image ]
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 1:24:26 PM EDT


UPPER: JP 18" medium weight Supermatch Barrel Kit w/Cooley Tactical Comp and Adjustable Gas Block attached to a LaRue Tactical Upper with a Briley Carbon Fiber Hand Guard and using a JP Stainless Steel Bolt Carrier w/RRA Bolt. LOWER: RRA lower w/Complete JP Fire Control Group, ACE ARFX Stock & TUBB's Speedlock Buffer Spring. I have a JPoint sight that I will be mounting to the top of my AccuPoint for close-up hosing as soon as Brownells has the ring mount I'm going to use back in stock.
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 1:27:52 PM EDT
A general warning to everyone with aluminum gas blocks (including myself): they expand at a faster rate than steel under extreme heat and can migrate forward rendering the gun single-shot unless physically blocked in some way.

This isn't a problem on typical 3Gun stages, but we saw 2 or 3 of them fail this way at the ITRC.

Link Posted: 9/29/2004 1:40:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 1:48:27 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ipschoser1:

What's the barrel diameter for the one on the left?
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 6:47:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/29/2004 6:50:13 PM EDT by StealthyBlagga]
A lot of you Tactical division guys seem to like those Trijicon Accupoint scopes... how fast do you find them to be at close (<100yds) range ? Compared with irons or an Aimpoint ?
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 4:44:43 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/30/2004 4:46:28 AM EDT by VSP]

Currently, I use this setup for the new Tactical division (without the bipod), but I use this rifle for all three divisions by changing the setup to what I'm shooting (Open, Limited, Tactical). It's a JP ultra-light 18" barrel, 1x9 twist, with a TTI Eliminator comp, JP adjustable gas block, JP Free float tube, AAC vertical pistol grip, Armalite quick detach scope mount, Weaver 1-3x20 scope, A1 buttstock, Standard bolt carrier, Les Baer hard chromed bolt, JP adjustable trigger, standard buffer and spring, all on a Bushmaster lower. It has almost 3,000 rounds and runs better than a Timex. There are a few other mods, mostly internal tweaks to increase reliability and accuracy. It's light relatively light and swings very fast for the up close hose stages, but has enough accuracy for the long range stuff. I'm very happy with it...now if I can just get my scope design produced, I'd be all over Taran.

Link Posted: 9/30/2004 3:25:44 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/1/2004 8:30:21 AM EDT
Doesn't anyone shoot irons anymore ? Looks like I'll be cleaning up at the Nationals next year.
Link Posted: 10/1/2004 12:43:14 PM EDT

Originally Posted By PaulE:
I'm in the process of coating this one. It got me through the RM3G with no malfs so I thought it deserved a new look (and a new scope that I'm trying out).


KG Kote?
Link Posted: 10/4/2004 5:22:36 AM EDT
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