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Posted: 4/14/2006 8:41:23 AM EST
Forgive me if this is an old question but are there any pistol mags that will function in a Oly 9mm upper with a Kurts Kustom mag block that don't require any modifications. In other words, can go from pistol to rifle or vice versa with no problems. Any input is greatly appreciated I am a newbie to the AR 9mm and love it.
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 1:05:28 AM EST
The Oly system is designed to use modified Sten mags. Oly charges about $60 per modified mag.All it is , is a Sten mag with a spacer to take up the gap in the front of the mag. Most people, including me choose to just buy surplus Sten mags a a mag block instead. You spend about as much on the block as you would an Oly modified mag. You can get Sten mags for $5-$15 easily. Sten mags are a major PITA to load.

Oly does sell a complete 9mm & 40SW that uses standard Glock mags. Last I checked, Oly doesn't sell the lowers seperate. You have to buy the gun complete from them. There is rumors that they might start selling them seperate later this year. I want one!

Hope this helps.

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