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Posted: 10/1/2004 10:14:05 PM EDT
I just got one of those slip over flash hiders for the 16 inch barrel, I should have my barrel back in a couple of days from being threaded, Do I have to use the peel washer with this set up? or just
screw it on? and is there a torque setting?
Link Posted: 10/2/2004 11:39:52 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/2/2004 11:44:32 AM EDT by Darkest2000]
I thought the whole idea of a slip over FS is that it doesn't have threads, thus you can't screw it on?

While I'm not positive, I think washers are required for a few reasons:

chances of your FS timing correctly to the barrel without a washer....slim.

Washer is made of a softer metal, it acts as a "gasket" between the barrel and washer, ensuring a tight seal.

For the same reason above, adds friction and thus preventing the FS from loosening on it's own.

unless you have a special preference for peel washers (i.e.looks), the newer crush washer is much easier to use and time your FS with. And depending on what kind of FS you use, it may or may not need timing. No need to torque it, I use a GI FS wrench and tighten until I feel it's "tight".

Link Posted: 10/2/2004 2:50:57 PM EDT
The slip over flash hider has internal threads, 1/2 x 28 TPI, it goes over the 16 inch barrel and makes it look like the 11.5 barrel with the 5.25 flash hider
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