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Posted: 5/25/2005 12:12:36 PM EST
Well..it worked.I took 1 gallon of water(just tap),5 oz. of Jasco prep/primer,1 oz. Mang.dioxide.,and 4" piece of black iron pipe.BLACK IRON PIPE!!..you say.Instead of the steel wool,the jouster formula was using iron at first.I went to Lowes and got an 18" piece of black iron pipe,cut off a 4" piece,sanded off the outer paint that covers it off and dunked it in acetone to degrease.I used an old 1911 hammer to experiment.I used a dremel to get off the old finish,and dunked in acetone.Left the pipe and hammer in while I setup the other stuff.Stainless steel pot with 1 gal. water and poured in Jasco stuff.Dumped in Mang. dioxide and after 15 min. or so removed pipe from acetone,dunked in clean water,and into the solution.Fired up the camping stove on high.I did'nt have a thermometer,I just waited to see the solution steam a little.The iron was really fizzing then.So,I got my hammer from the acetone,dunked in water,and let it set in for 35 mins.It came out jet black!!I then dipped it in old motor oil which was black as well and let it stay in there while I cleaned up.The black did'nt rub off the hammer at all.I'm going to sandblast my main parts nicely to do a good job.I'll try to post pics later.The iron pipe worked better for me than the steel wool.I got this from Gorilla who posts here.He used Aquamix,but I did'nt find it locally and used the iron pipe to replace the steel wool.Prep,like he said,is everything.The better you prep the better the outcome will be.I usually use play sand to blast with.If 'ya going to experiment,PLEASE use something of no importance.Good luck!

Link Posted: 5/25/2005 12:44:44 PM EST
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