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Posted: 2/16/2013 11:03:55 PM EDT
ebay auction pvs 3

What do you guys think? Maybe I just gotta hole in my pocket but I kind want it.
Theres a chance it doesnt work
Link Posted: 2/17/2013 3:03:12 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/17/2013 3:03:36 AM EDT by schultz]
Great condition. I do not know if it works

That comment would bother me a bit but at least hes being honest, Cool find tho.
Link Posted: 2/17/2013 3:04:44 AM EDT
If it doesn't work, 80 percent chance the tube failed and your not going to be able to find a intensifier tube to make it work again. Those aren't that common and parts are not found very often. At over 300 bucks already, I would be worried it would be a expensive "prop".

Link Posted: 2/17/2013 7:34:26 AM EDT
b_rogers is right. If the tube does not work, you will not likely find another. However, the PVS-3 takes a very odd battery so chances are also good that if you put the right number of volts in the battery compartment (3V off the top of my head) it might work.

The issue with finding tubes for the PVS-2 and PVS-3 are that the reticles are bonded to the front of the tube. The three stage 25mm tubes can be found (British 8079HP tubes will drop in) but you are left without a reticle. The PVS-3 uses a much, much harder to find 18mm three stage cascade tube used only in the PVS-3 and some European scopes (Oldelft, Zeiss, etc...) and you have the same issue, no reticle.
Link Posted: 2/17/2013 7:46:21 AM EDT
I'd probably consider the seller's words, "I do not know if it works" code for "it doesn't work", and bid accordingly expecting a display piece.

Good luck,
John Thomas
Link Posted: 2/17/2013 9:47:21 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/17/2013 9:48:01 AM EDT by jhud]
I didnt even bid on it.

If I want some NV I may as well get a nice setup. something like a PVS 14 helmet mounted.
Id be able to attach it paired with an aimpoint for weapon use, drive or walk with it also.
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