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Posted: 2/1/2013 12:02:17 PM EDT
I just picked up one of the CMMG 22ARC Bravo kits. I already had one of the CMMG dedicated uppers but I wanted to be able to cheaply shoot my Noveske BLOCK II rifle so I picked the kit up for that rifle.

HUGE noticable difference shooting .22LR with a conversion vs. dedicated upper. The inside of my Noveske looks like it's filled with mud due to the gas tube feeding that crap back into my upper. That said, I'm impressed so far. The first time I took the kit to the range, I fogot to bring oil and the kit was still new in the package. I fire around 300 rounds without ANY issues. The second time I went to the range I still had not cleaned or oiled the Novekse rifle but I wanted to see how far I could go without cleaning or oiling so I just kept on shooting. I'm at roughly 1000 rounds right now and I've not oiled or cleaned it yet and I can found the failures on one hand.

Two of them I believe were from me over loading maybe a 28th round in the magazine? Then I got one spent casing stuck between the bolt and charging handle.

All in all I'm impressed.

I just pulled my charging handle out of my Noveske though and this is what I mean by mud, ammo was Remington Golden Bullet:

Link Posted: 2/14/2013 6:26:19 PM EDT
I have picked up one of the Bravo kits also. I am looking forward to trying it out this weekend, weather permitting.
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