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Posted: 12/16/2005 10:43:30 PM EDT
After seeing a 7 page thread of mostly useless banter in the Lights/Lasers Forum on this subject, I thought I'd come here and start a serious photos-only thread of your 2-light rigs.    Hopefully the Mods/Staff here will take care of any trolling or BS pics.

SureFire M900A-RD/MN11
GrantFire M60LZ61/P61

Link Posted: 12/16/2005 11:32:22 PM EDT
Nice crisp clear picture.

But I want some of that Coke with real sugar!
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 11:38:23 PM EDT
It'd better be clear at 1.6MB!

Link Posted: 12/17/2005 4:46:09 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 5:08:52 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/17/2005 5:10:09 AM EDT by C4iGrant]
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 5:36:03 AM EDT
I tried, but it makes my already-heavy MRP setup even harder to hold with one hand
I put my MRP on a diet.  Removed all the spare batteries in the LMT SOPMOD stock, Magpul's grip and TD foregrip, replaced Troy BattleSights with lighter KAC front and rear, alas it's still a beast
But I'll post pics to contribute to yer thread when there's enough light to take pics
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 5:56:55 AM EDT
Generally I'm not big on two lights on a rifle.  There is enough crap on most rifles (mine included!!) that it gets too heavy with extra lights.

However, that is one of the slickest two light setups I've seen.
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 7:44:16 AM EDT

Link Posted: 12/17/2005 11:16:53 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 11:17:39 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 11:25:49 AM EDT
hey you only got one light!
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 11:31:19 AM EDT
Some serious light PORN going on here...

Link Posted: 12/17/2005 12:12:28 PM EDT
Only one light but I posted 2 pics!!!!hat
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 12:15:05 PM EDT

Originally Posted By 03USMC11:
Only one light but I posted 2 pics!!!! doesn't that count?

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