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Posted: 3/17/2005 3:16:31 PM EST

"This .17 cal. cleaning system includes your cable, patches, solvent & a resealable case. Breech to Muzzle at its finest."

It includes (from the picture) a rifle length cable with slotted end, the pull handle, and the "obstruction remover", that the handle passes through.


I called Otis and this is the same cable they sell as the "Small Calibre micro kit" but it was made as a special order for one of their major purchasers

This is a slightly smaller diameter cable and the handle end will accept a brush, however it is a smaller attachment and has a different threading than the standard brush. Otis has .22 brushes that will fit the system for $2.50. If you order the brush order part 321 (.22) or 317 (.17) these are the SHORT models that will fit this cable.

$3.50 vs $10 and the only difference is possibly the solvent.

What are you missing from the buttstock kit (if you paid an extra $43MSRP) ?
*Solvent (easy & cheap to obtain if you don't already have it, try the little HDPE bottles that they sell antifungal foot tinctures in if you need a container for your CLP)
*.22 brush (easy & cheap)

*Military thread adaptor (necessary?)
*Chamber brush (gunshow or order from otis)
*Rod for using chamber brush
*flimsy and useless pouch
*Pipecleaners and 'toothbrush'
*Light gathering Optic rod
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