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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/29/2005 1:04:02 PM EDT
I am considering a Nikon 2.5x10 mildot for an upcoming rifle build.

Do any of you have experience or opinions you can share with me?

Link Posted: 12/30/2005 9:07:42 AM EDT
Just got one, and mounted it on an AR. Very nice scope. I have only shot with it once, but overall I'm impressed. Turrets are very nice - optics very nice, and it seems built like a tank. I plan on taking it out for a side-by-side comparison to the Leupold Mk 4 3.5-10x40 LR M1 and the IOR 2.5-10x42. This is just to see which of the bunch has the best noticable optics. I also have still not done the box test or really tested the tracking, but they seem fine.

One thing (kinda petty) that I don't like it the fact that the turrets are only 10 MOA per revolution. With all the adjustments available, this seems like a waste. Wish they'd have gone with at least like 15 MOA per like everyone else - or maybe gone with 1/2 MOA adjustments all around (I still never think to myself, hey - I need to move that bullet strike 1/4 MOA).

As far as I can tell, no way to add a sunshade (which I think all tactical scopes should come with from the factory).

Here's a pretty pic of mine. Overall, I think they are well worth the money.

Link Posted: 12/30/2005 4:41:28 PM EDT
SPDSNYPR - What rings are those?

Also, how much does this scope usually run?
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 7:19:43 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/31/2005 3:48:19 AM EDT by Sig685]
I have a Nikon Tactical 2.5-10X44 with illuminated Mildot reticle. It came with a Nikon sunshade and Butler Creek lens cover.

I mounted it on my ArmaLite M15A4(T) using the one-piece 30mm ArmaLite mount and I am extremely satisfied with the rifle, mount and scope. It is an awesome combination.

I am a long-time user of Nikon cameras, spotting scopes and riflescopes. I have other Nikons and some Leupold as well. I think the Leupolds are excellent scopes, and they are supported by a great company; I believe the Nikons have better optics, especially the Tactical scopes.

I have had the scope for about a year now and I highly recommend it. I would buy it again in an instant. I have had several occasions to target shoot at dusk (hey, I work for a living,) and the Nikon is so much clearer than other scopes I have or have tried.

As described above, mine was pretty close to $900. It does give one pause, but I believe it is worth it. My rifle is phenomenally accurate and it deserves a suitable scope, which the Nikon is.

And as mentioned earlier, it seems built like a tank.

BTW, I had occasion to talk with Nikon reps at the last NRA show in Houston and they are VERY proud of their tactical scope. And for good reason.

Updated to say that the illuminated reticle has two colors, green or red, depending on how you turn the power on. That's a neat feature.
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 5:01:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/1/2006 5:12:13 PM EDT by Unreconstructed]
I have both the Nikon tactical mildot 2.5-10 and the leupold LR M3 3.5-10. My nikon is threded for and came with a sunshade.

I like the Nikon better.

My leup is a premier reticles gen 2 mil dot conversion that is first focal plane. That and the M3 turrets are the only reasons I still have the leupold.

The nikon is a second focal plane which is the biggest drawback in my opinion.

The nikon has a wider adjustment range for magnification. That has actually become a peeve of mine about leupold. The narrow mag adjustment range and the high pricing add up to no more leupold purchases for me.

The illumination on the Leupold is lousy. Of course my premier reticles conversion does not have illumination, but I have used a leupold that does.

As for the turrets, I am not happy with either. The quater MOA clicks on the nikon are too fine and the one MOA clicks on the Leupold M3 are too course IMO. I prefer half MOA clicks for windage and elevation for "liberty rifle" use.

I do like the Schmidt Bender quarter MOA turrets that adjust the full elevation in only two turns. I will probably end up with them or USO's to replace both the leupold and the nikon eventually.
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 5:57:54 PM EDT
The Leupold web site claims the scope to which you refer has 1/2 MOA Windage andjustment and 1 MOA elevation adjustment using the M3 turrets, yet you say the windage is too coarse at 1 MOA both ways. Are we talking about the same scope here?

Also, to be fair, you would have to compare the Leupold M1 turrets to the Nikon Tactical; they both have 1/4 MOA elevation and windage adjustments. I like 1/4 MOA adjustments, the AR on which it is mounted is that accurate.

I believe that Nikon has better glass and coating than Leupold. After all Nikon cameras and lenses have been the standard by which all others have been compared for several decades now. I also liked the wider range of adjustment on the Nikon.
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 6:47:30 PM EDT
Yes, the M3 turrets adjustments are 1 moa for elevation and 1/2 moa for windage. I was trying to point out that I did not like the 1 MOA elevation. I just did not point out that I like the 1/2 MOA windage. I definately do not like the turrets not being the same.

I prefer my adjustments to be fast enough to hit men at varying ranges out to 1000 yards in combat.

1/2 moa clicks keep me within approximately 2 1/2 inches high or low out to 1,000 yards. (yes, I know this is approx) That is good enough for combat use. Actually, I use this same Leupold scope with M3 turrets in the Army. It is an older version called an ultra, but it is the same scope. I can use the 1 MOA, but I would prefer 1/2 MOA built into the turret getting me out to 1000 yards in one turn. The closest I have found is the S&B getting out to 1000 yards in two turns with 1/4 MOA clicks. I will probably eventually get USO to make me one.

I do not think there is any need to compare the M1 turrets on the leupold to the Nikon. I also decided the nikon had better glass and preferred the wider mag range. The M1 turrets vs. M3 turrets made no difference. HTH.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 2:34:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/3/2006 2:34:39 PM EDT by TheTic00]
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 2:46:20 PM EDT
I have one paired with the LaRue SPR mount on an ADCO upgraded AR10. Bigbore turned me on to these and I plan on getting another one for my McMillan A5 stocked Remington 700.

ADCO firearms has great prices on them as well.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 9:06:42 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Dangasaur:
SPDSNYPR - What rings are those?

Also, how much does this scope usually run?

Sorry for the very late reply - busy over the holidays then at work. They are Warne rings, and are QD. I got them from Brownell's. Very happy with them, but it looks that since I am 6-04, I need something a little further forward than my upper allows w/ direct mounting. These will either be sold or thrown into a drawer somewhere.

Again, sorry for the late reply.
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 10:38:15 AM EDT
i have the 4x16 model on my 308. its the best scope i have ever used.

i hope to replace a MRT tactical with a nikon 2.5x10 on my AR soon. it is build like a thank and very smoth on all accounts. i think you get more for your money with these

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