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Posted: 9/13/2004 7:22:25 PM EDT
I just picked one of these babies up for $1,000.00 OTD. This seems like a great rifle; what a lovely trigger. Does anyone out there own of these beautiful rifle and want to share their shooting results with me? I am sure that this is an accurate rifle and cannot wait to get it to the range, but I'd like to hear opinions. TIA
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 7:38:46 PM EDT
Great rifle, sub MOA if you do your part.
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 7:51:31 PM EDT
I have one and couldn't be happier. Scopped it with a Zeiss Conquest 4X14 44mm with Leupold
Mark 4 extra high rings and it worked great. Got moa or better with Winchester factory ammo I
used to break in barrel. Best handload groups so far are averaging .3moa with 50 gr.Siera Blitzking bullets and H322. Talk about fun to shoot! This is my first AR and I really didn't have much intrest in auto loaders. A guy at the local gunrange asked me to shoot his and the rest is history.
Only thing I didn't care for was the factory trigger. Replaced it with a Jewell and it's alot better.


Link Posted: 9/13/2004 8:03:28 PM EDT
This is my first rifle, I did a ton of research before picking it out and decided that this was the best choice for me...I don't think there is a better combination of reliability and accuracy in 5.56 at such an affordable price. I haven't regretted it for a second. I have got a ATN 5x33L scope on it, which is pretty practical but I think I will eventually want to put more magnification on it for target shooting. I'm getting sub MOA with it, but not 1/4" MOA...but that is probably just me.
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 8:25:17 PM EDT
It looks like I picked a winner. This is not my first AR, as I own a Bushmaster A2 with a 16" HB. Fine accuracy out to 100-150 yards with the right ammo. I am hoping for better with the Varmiter. Did any of you guys follow Bushmaster's barrel break-in procedure?
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 8:36:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/13/2004 8:37:21 PM EDT by GunDraw]
I really enjoy mine. I bought it last December and it's been nothing but fun. I put a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 on top and she shoots great. I've yet to run any of my handloads/match ammo through, so I cannot comment on accuracy yet. However, even with XM-193, I've been getting a few groups around 1 MOA. (Keep in mind, this is blazing Military ammo).

Also, I should mention, I went with a chrome lined barrel instead of the unchromed lined DCM style barrel. Naturally, some say chrome lining a barrel decreases accuracy by .5 MOA. I'm curious to see how it pans out. I really feel with a few handloads I'll be looking at .5-.75 MOA.


Edited to add: Yes, the trigger IS fabulous

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