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Posted: 2/15/2006 4:36:14 PM EDT
Been shooting 16s/ARs for years, since the USMC in 87, but new to reasearching the piston systems.  Been lurking and reading a lot for a while as well.  I know this has been discussed and I have done and read all of  the searches available (I think).

I have decided to get a piston upper and narrowed it down to the POF or LW.  Both seem to be a proven system.  My questions are:

Which one is the best bang for the buck?  I mean comparing price, service, and warranty?

Which one is most readily available?  Which one is available for delivery NOW? Dont really want to wait a long time if I dont have to.

Are there any functional differences that make one preferable to the other?  Surpressors arent an issue for me...

Any any other real differences that would be a "purchasing" factor? Any actual owners perspectives are appreciated.

Dont want this to be a mud-slinger, just looking for practical facts and info on the two.  Havent found all of this info in one single thread...unless i missed it, in which case someone could just post a link.

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