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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/21/2003 7:48:36 PM EST
Has anyone used a Nightforce scope and if so what did you think of it? I'm considering purchasing the Nighforce Benchrest 12-42x with the NP-R2 Reticle for varmint hunting

Does anyone have any experience with them? Are the bench rest scopes capable of taking a beating? Are the differences between the NXS and Benchrest versions worth the $$$?

Thanks in advance, Nick
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 4:25:10 AM EST
Night Force; let's see... Well, the optical clarity is brillaint. Makes my Leupold Mk IV's look like Russian stuff by comparison. All the eye relief you could ever ask for. Aboslutely indestructable. Makes every other scope (with the possible exception of US Optics) look like a kid's toy. The guys around here use them for carrying handles for their .50's. Absolutely repeatable; If you used 9.75 MOA to get to 600 yards last time, 9.75 will put you in the same place today. In the rare case where the is a problem, the factory usually gives one day turn around. Aside from that, they suck. Luck, SD
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 5:11:41 AM EST
I disagree. Nightforce are made in Japan, which is a turnoff for me, at least in optics. None the less, I have tried a couple of their scopes. I have found the optics to be yellow in color in the higher powered magnification. Also not very clear. I also had one Nightforce 5.5-22X NXS that was not repeatable. I also dislike the huge & unnecessary size of the optic. If you want the best in optics, as far as a tactical scope, Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman II is the way to go by far. They are the clearest, most durable, Brightest, simplest, most repeatable scope money can buy. Any one who has owned one can verify this. One turn of the dial on a .308 will get you from 100-1100 Meters. I have tried all scopes & Schmidt & Bender is the best by a long shot. Leupold is also making some real nice long range M1 line of scopes including some pretty high powered optics. Those are also far nicer than the Nightforce NXS & would be my second choice. Nightforce does have some nice features, like laser etched, lighted reticles, but in turn, they also leave a light signature from a mile away with their huge objectives.
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 6:45:18 AM EST
Originally Posted By Framer: ...I have found the optics to be yellow in color .....Also not very clear. I also had one Nightforce 5.5-22X NXS that was not repeatable.
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Huh!?!?!? Well you're the first person I have [b]ever[/b] heard / seen say any of that. If that was the case for your scope, there was something wrong with it and you should have sent it back. All the Nightforce scopes I've looked through, mine included have had fantastic optics and are dead on repeatability. I will agree with you on the objetives being too large on the high power models though. That's why I chose to go with the 3.5-15x50mm. I didn't want that big 56mm objective, but the 50 is just fine.
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 7:27:06 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/22/2003 7:28:28 AM EST by DaveS]
There is always someone that has had bad times with the best of gear.....like Framer.....and myself[but, not with NightForce]. [url]http://www.snipercountry.com/NightforceNXS.html[/url] Dave S
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 9:26:14 AM EST
Just goes to show: Anybody, including the best in the business, can screw up. That's the first I've ever heard of an unhappy Nightforce customer. On the other hand, I bought one of the Leupold 30MM tactical variables (my 14th Leupold since childhood). Not only was it a total POS but, the factory was unable to make it right after four attempts. They essentially told me I was SOL. And I've had a Schmidt & Bender (not the 34MM tac model) go south on me. Go figure. SD
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 2:29:19 PM EST
i dig my nxs. glad i bought it over a lupy.
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 2:58:44 PM EST
I have a Nightforce 3.5-15x56 on an AR set up for yotes and love it. I have Lupy's, Nikon and Burris scopes also and say without a doubt my next scope will be another Nightforce.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 4:52:03 AM EST
Anyone have pics of your AR with Nightforce mounted on it?? Jm03
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