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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/3/2003 10:42:38 AM EST
Hi all !!

Love the site, super people with great advice. Excuse the newbie question here......
I really don't want to start a debate on the pros/cons on the ACOG TA-11 vs the TA-31 since they both seem like money well spent and I've decided I NEED one !! But can someone help me with understanding why the .9" of added eye relief on the TA-11 seems to be such an important feature ?? Is it because you can't mount the TA-31 back far enough on the receiver to attain a proper sight picture so you are forced to move your cheek weld up on the stock and into a more uncomfortable position?? Does the TA-11 allow you to mount the scope farther back on the receiver and allow a more comfortable and natural cheek weld ?? I know the .9" doesn't seem like much but I've read a lot of you choosing the TA-11 over the TA-31 for just this reason. Just trying to understand what is being gained on the added eye relief or what you're giving up by going with the shorter one.

Any help would be much appreciated !!!

Link Posted: 9/3/2003 12:34:05 PM EST
I have eye strain uing a TA01 or TA31 or 3X Compact ACOG. The TA11 is easier on the eyes for me and is more forgiving. Its not something you can understand till you use both and look through both back to back. Go to a major metropolitan gunshow and you can check both out and decide for yourself. I also feel the TA31 occludes more are than I am comfortable with in BAC mode.
Link Posted: 9/3/2003 4:41:10 PM EST
I wanted a compact scope so I looked at the 2x and 3x models. I bought the 2x mounted it and found it plenty good enough for eye relief but lacking in scope power ... so I traded back for the 3x in an even swap. [img]http://photos.ar15.com/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?iImageUnq=11624[/img] Drilling a hole in the carry handle (not [i]EXACTLY[/i] rocket science) gave me back another 1.25" of eye relief. Shooting this weapon one mearly tilts one's head up about an inch and the ACOG is right there ready to go - or drop the eye 1 inch and the iron sights are working.
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