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Posted: 10/31/2002 1:32:21 PM EDT
I recently cleaned my AR using Breakfree CLP after shooting some SA surplus through it. I let it sit for about 2 months and just pulled it out to clean it again. It has a very slight rust buildup in the bore. I know I swabbed the barrel with CLP after cleaning last time. Just wondering if this is normal, is this the CLP slowly pulling copper deposits out of the bore, or do you think it dried up and rust was beginning to develop? It was in the garage in a case for a couple of weeks during a very rainy/hot period, so I was thinking maybe the elements were starting to get to it. Just wondering, I want to make sure I'm getting it right...
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 4:58:12 PM EDT
It was the elements.  The humidity condensed on the weapon and started it to rusting.
If you can, store your guns in a cool dry place.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 5:16:04 PM EDT
yea dude.
it's just steel
under those conditions it will rust even if you coat it with clp.  to store it in a place like that for any length of time use wax paper and:
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 5:53:59 PM EDT
You have to use something like RIG grease (which is very thin for grease by the way) in the bore for storage in those conditions.  Just remember to clear it out good before you shoot next time.  You also should get yourself one of those rifle length "inhibitor" bags that Kleenbore sells for under five bucks.  www.natchezss.com has them I think.  It doesn't have a zip lock end to the bag like the pistol model bag for some reason, but I have put the silica gel in it that changes color from blue to pink when it needs "recharging" in the oven for several months at a time, and it never changed from blue.  This was with just folding the end of the vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bag over a couple of times.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 8:06:11 PM EDT
I've heard good things about RIG too. You might try Breakfree Collector, which consists of the "P" in "CLP", but at a stronger level.

If you use RIG or Cosmoline, or anything that seals the bore, you have to make sure there is no water of any kind in the bore before application. The last thing you want to do is seal in moisture under Cosmoline.

I would probably first clean it with something like MPro-7, as that product really dries the bore, removing all traces of oil. I might even take a hairdryer to the bore before applying it.
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 4:58:39 PM EDT
Have you checked out EEZOX.COM? Eezox is a CLP with superior corrosion protection.
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 6:39:16 PM EDT


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Link Posted: 1/11/2003 7:03:08 AM EDT
its never a good idea to store your guns in a case. That is the esiest place for rust to form on your weapon. If you have apsolutly have to store it there. I recomend leaving a good coat of CLP(not dripping) on the weapon. The CLP will eventually dry and leave behing a protective coat. When I was in the Army (I was the Unit Armorer) I had everyone turn in there cleaned weapons this way.
Link Posted: 1/11/2003 5:01:08 PM EDT
My experience over the 30 years I have owned firearms is you'd be better proping your rifle up against the wall in your closet than storing it in a hard case. It can breathe there at least.

The best of course is a safe with a goldenrod heating element.

I have friends who have observed the beginning stages of rust storing their guns in hard cases for as little as 2 months.
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