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Posted: 6/20/2008 10:32:38 AM EST
Hello all

Finally up and joined the Forum hereKeeping tabs on the Shrike as well as the STG556 and such

I’ve owned many weapons over the years, and even a few class III items, but for some reason never gave the AR15 a chance. Shot one last year and was surprised at the feel and rapid follow up shots with the .223 caliber. With the option for different caliber uppers such as the Beowulf setup later on for hunting it makes for an appealing rifle.

Started thinking about getting one, and finally picked up a Stag Arms stripped lower receiver at a gun show several months back. (I read a lot of positive feedback about stag arms ) It was all I could afford at the time, and I figured if I got that, and then if the anti-gunners get back in control id have a “pre ban” receiver if they up and ban “assault weapons” again. his
Here is where I’m at.
Since I have a stripped lower, it seems like my best bet is to just buy a complete rifle kit, rather then trying to piece it together from several different vendors. Unfortunately the only way to get exactly what you want is to probably piece it together. I’m on a tight budget, so I’m trying to stay at the lower end of the AR15 spectrum yet retain quality.

Since I plan on the Beowulf later for hunting, my best bet is a flat top upper so that I can swap optics / sights between uppers as needed. Also I don’t need the Tacticool rail setups for a bunch of accessories I can’t afford anyways.. although I really like the way they look!

There are 2 setups I’ve been leaning towards, with a 3rd and 4th that are thrown in just to make my choices harder. heheheheh

1. I really like the 16” mid-length setups visually, as well as the improved reliability of the longer gas system. I was leaning towards a Del-Ton complete kit due to the low cost, and overall good reviews / customer service I’ve been seeing here. The kit starts at 465, + 45 for chrome lined. Might even consider the RRA 2 stage trigger + 80, as well as the Magpul CTR for another 60, add another 25 bucks or so for shipping. = 535 - 675 shipped. Not sure how much for a rear sight, but I think I would get one of the flip up ones… at least 80 bucks.?

2. I also really like the look of the Dissipator setups. If I get one, I would want the mid-length gas system, not the full or CAR setup. I have only seen one place that sell a complete kit for the Dissy. Model 1 Sales - ive read both good and bad reviews about them, and would much rather go with Del-ton for peace of mind. Anyone have any links to other dissipater complete kits at a similar cost? The Model 1 dissipator kit does not specify if its mid-length gas or not. Does anyone know? $545 chrome lined bore and chamber + 80 more for a flip up rear sight add another 25 or so for shipping - $650 delivered.

3. My 3rd option comes from all the reading I did on the dissipater with the pros and cons of the CAR setup , mid-length, and full length with differences in pressure and bullet dwell after it passes the gas port etc.. I recall reading that you can have a full length gas setup with a 18in barrel and it will work fine. So I guess I would also consider an 18in setup as its similar to the dissipator mid-length gas, but with the benefits of full length gas, as well as higher bullet velocity / accuracy. Does anyone have any pictures of an 18in setup? Would love to see a picture with a midlength, dissy, and an 18in setup all in it. All I could find was the CMMG setup, and it just shows the upper. Can anyone verify that a full length gas setup is reliable with an 18” barrel? Also if it is reliable, couldn’t I just buy a 20in kit and have the barrel cut and threaded at 18”? How much would this cost? Could this be a better / cheaper route then a dissipator kit?

4. Legal Transfers LLC has a complete Stag rifle kit 2H-M4 for $633 shipped. It comes with 6 pos stock, flip up sight, 30rd mag, chrome lined bore and chamber, etc…. Seems like a really good price for that setup. Only downside, is I really like the look of a mid length, or a dissipator to the M4 setup. Also, how would you rank the quality of Stag to Delton? Does either of them have a better rep? more features that I’m not getting into like staked, m4 feed ramps, and other things I don’t understand yet?

Also, I see pictures of a lot of weapons with eotech, aog, and other optical sights, that still have the fixed front sight. Is this a good setup? Does it impair the view of the optic? If so, is it worth it to get a flat top gas block with a flip down front sight as well?

Sorry for the super long post hanks



Link Posted: 6/20/2008 4:47:44 PM EST
I feel Stag is better quality than Del-ton and have a couple of Stag lowers and a Stag upper. Pete at Legal Transfers is a great guy. If you are in southern Maine take a trip down to visit him and pick up your stuff and a lot of info at the same time. Stop at KTP on the way and check the prices on AR's, it is astounding what they get for a used gun. Occasionally there is a reasonable deal on an AR but not as often as other guns there. I suggest you pick up the upper you want from Pete, either a Satg or RRA and check the EE for a LPK and stock, you can save some money that way, you could even watch the EE for an upper but Petes prices are so good new it might not be worth it. Of course Petes LPK's are priced very well also and no sales tax in NH and he does have free shipping which you already know...best of luck. I intend to use one of my AR's for coyotes along the Golden road this coming winter instead of one of my H&R Handi rifles...I may go back to the Handi (they are so light, handy, and accurate) but I think using an AR will be fun....<><....:)
Link Posted: 6/20/2008 5:22:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/20/2008 5:24:01 PM EST by 2FALable]
The fixed sight will not interfere with std red dot type optics, Aimpoint, Eotech, Tripower, etc...

The dissipator option will tend to be heavier than some others as most of the kits are going to be HBAR barrels.

Anything you've proposed will work fine.

As for flip rear sights, the Yankee Hill ones are probably some of the cheapest yet very good quality.

As for flat top vs. A2 type uppers. It's up to you. I've got a number of flat tops but one of my favorite rifles is a 14.5"/perm Phanton oc an A1 upper, with a free float rail and a tripower mounted out in front of the carry handle on the free float. Strangely enough that one does have a flip front sight on it with the fixed rear, but that was really a product of using the longer Yankee Hill Spectre free float.

It really depends what you want to do with it.

I personally like A1 uppers because I sort of have the Clint Smith approach to AR's. Keep 'em simple, keep 'em solid and reliable type thing.

By the way the fixed rear sight doesn't get in the way of the optic either.

I wouldn't worry about the swapping optics between the Beo and .223 later part.

I really doubt you're going to want to be reseting sights and optics as you move them between uppers. Not to mention I would think you'd be looking at a different optic setup for hunting vs. a defensive carbine.
Link Posted: 6/25/2008 3:18:25 AM EST
thanks for the response so far
bump for more answers

what is "check the EE"?

what fixed rear sights should i consider that work well, and dont get in the way of optics

anyone know about the 20" to 18" cut with full length gas
cost to cut / re-thread, reliability etc..?
Link Posted: 7/14/2008 10:46:21 AM EST
Originally Posted By Maine_Shooter:
thanks for the response so far
bump for more answers

what is "check the EE"?

what fixed rear sights should i consider that work well, and dont get in the way of optics

anyone know about the 20" to 18" cut with full length gas
cost to cut / re-thread, reliability etc..?

okay, so i figured out what the "EE" is..

still really interested in the full lenth gas 20" rifle cut down to 18"
how much to have this done, and is it 100% reliable with full length gas with 18in barrell?

Link Posted: 7/14/2008 3:44:50 PM EST
still really interested in the full lenth gas 20" rifle cut down to 18"
how much to have this done, and is it 100% reliable with full length gas with 18in barrell?

Most guys around here seem to reccomend ADCO for this type of work - they get get great reviews here
Link Posted: 7/23/2008 6:43:13 AM EST
well looks like im moving forward he

im jumping ahead to my future plans of the Beowulf

found a semi-local with a Beowulf upper FS
he put 60 rds through it and decided he wanted a 308 instead for deer hunting

well for $550 its mine

so i still need lower parts, handle, and buffer tube / stock, and sights

guess i need to go ask some more questions in the Variants forum
Link Posted: 8/11/2008 1:38:53 AM EST
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