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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/2/2006 4:46:15 AM EDT
What a great way to spend New Years day. My son and I headed out to Ben Avery range here in AZ. Keeping the tradition alive, Ive been going there since I was 6. I just wish the quality of shooters had stayed the same, but at least he is learning proper (us) and improper (several others) range behavior.

Anyways, this was the second outing with the new Stag. I took some USGI BZO targets along, I have a stack for the M-16A2/M4 (printed front to back) and some for the M16A1. Got the Carry Handle and ARMS BUIS dialed in tight. The gun will shoot nice tight groups, center mass, with no problems. Not as tight as my last official qual with my issue FN A2 (under a dime boys, oh yeah I kept that target) but for a grand total of 150rds to date, Im sure as hell impressed.

Ammo was 55gr. Ultramax Reloads, and all I planned to do yesterday was get some basic sighting in done, something Ill continue to do until I am through the break in period, say 500rds or so.

Getting the Aimpoint dialed in, well that is another story. I wasnt even on paper yet with 20 rds, it is shooting way low. Oh well, an excuse to head back to the range.

My SP1 did not disappoint either. After 21 years, I finally had to install an Accu-Wedge, and consequently, the sights are a little off now. Almost got her dialed in before the boy shoved me out of the way and finished off the ammo. Damn kids!

Anyways, Ive got about 25 years of AR/M16 experience, primarily Colt & FN, I wore Crossed Rifles the day I graduated from Boot Camp, and only failed to make expert twice in 17 years of service, once because of rain, and once because of my own stupidity. This new Stag is stacking up nicely against anything Ive ever qualified with.

The Stag can only get better with more break in, and the Deer Head doesnt bother me one bit.

Link Posted: 1/2/2006 4:54:58 AM EDT
Stag=CMT..they make good stuff cheap
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