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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/30/2003 7:10:08 AM EDT
I am absolutely, definitely, without a doubt going to buy/an M4 type rifle. The only question is which brand. I have spoken with Kurt's Kustom on the phone and he was most pleasant and helpful. I feel like he can alter/customize whatever I buy to the specs I wish for a fairly reasonable fee, so I don't feel the need to necessarily get every feature I want right out of the box. I was just about sold on a Bushmaster but just started thinking...why not get a Colt? What is the general consensus on the new Colt Match Target Rifles? I was thinking about maybe using their Match Target II or their Match Target M4 as a starting point. Are these civilian rifles truly MilSpec like Colt's military and law enforcement versions? Are they of the same quality as Colt's military and law enforcement versions? The MT M4 appears to have a different barrel contour than the military and law enforcement M4. Also the MT II has a 1 in 9" twist while the MT M4 has a 1 in 7". Do I want the 1 in 7 or the 1 in 9 twist? Are Colt's MT barrels good quality? Are they fully chrome lined? How is the Colt MT fit between upper and lower receiver compared to other brands such as Bushmaster? I was thinking about getting the MT II and having Kurt's turn the barrel down to M4 contour, cutting it to 14 1/2" and adding the A3 Tac Brake or to 15" and adding the A2 Tac Brake. Or should I get the MT M4 and simply have Kurt's just cut off the Colt brake and put on a Tac Brake? Or should I quit looking at Colt and go back to looking at Bushmasters again? A little help would be appreciated as I am totally perplexed as to which brand to buy.
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 7:45:00 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/30/2003 7:46:09 AM EDT by M4arc]
I just love getting into these threads! The new Colt Match Target M4 Carbines, model 6400c, are very nice and a big step in the right direction for Colt. Fit and finish on the ones that I've seen are very nice. They do use the 16" 1/7 twist barrels (I like 1/7), chrome-lined chamber and bore, 4150 steel, M4 feed ramps, side sling mount, M4 double heat shield hand guards, M4 stamped upper, RAS markings on the upper and "M4 Carbine" stamped on the lower. They are very nice. However, they still use the oversized trigger and hammer pins and their lowers still use a built in sear block. If those two things don't matter to you get the Colt. Now, the Bushmaster is nice too but they use a 1/9 twist, come with standard carbine hand guards, lack the side sling mount and M4 feed ramps. However, Bushmaster is as close to mil-spec as you can get! Also, Bushmaster has incredable customer service and everytime I order something from them it's in stock and at my house in 3 days. Not to add to your dilemma but also check out the DPMS M4s that [url=www.cmmginc.com]CMMG[/url] sells. They are similar to the Colt in that they have 1/7 twist, chrome-lined, 4150, M4 barrels with M4 feed ramps but they also come in 14.5" length and have a mil-spec lower receiver like the Bushmaster. The only drawback of the CMMG/DPMS (that I see) is that it comes with a cast front sight. If you are not planning on using the front sight as a hammer or you are not planning on playing SWAT in your neighbors house it may be worth a look. And the CMMG/DPMS comes with a box, cleaning kit and warranty just like the Colt and Bushmaster contrary to the belief of some! Hope this helps
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 12:02:40 AM EDT
The Colt MT6400c is a pretty good deal actually, considering it is a civilian Colt. I wouldn't bother buying any of their other civilian models, but the 6400 definitly has some value to it. Generally I would recommend one goes the bushmaster route when dealing with a civilian rifle purchase, but when it comes to Colt's and BM's M4 models, the Colt wins the match up. With the exception of the oversized trigger pins and longer barrel, the Colt M4 is closer to mil-spec mainly because some of the features on the M4, as fielded by the military, are currently patented by Colt and BM can't copy them. It should be noted that Colt civilian rifles are built to lower standards than their military rifles, when it comes to specs and testing. However, that said, there is still a pretty good chance you will get a good one.
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 1:53:10 AM EDT
I'm a Colt owner, so I say this with a lump in my throat...don't buy a Colt! All the new Colts have a sear block that is about as permanent as it gets...unmilled material. Instead of the old "blocks", which the pre-ban Colt Sporters and early post-ban Match Targets have and can be removed by Kurt (he removed mine-he does great work;-) or other knowledgable gunsmiths. This prevents many trigger upgrades and is just unpleasant looking. The fire control group also has oversized pins (parts are hard to find/get). I love my Colt, but Colt has made some foolish decisions in the name of protecting law abiding citizens from theirselves (they did all this to prevent M16 parts from being installed). If you do get a Colt (or anything for that matter), have the muzzle brake removed by Kurt and replace it with one of his fake FH's (slots not cut completely thru). Looks convincing and it won't be as loud as all muzzle brakes inherently are. Kurt can also make the feedramp cuts. Bushmaster is a good choice from a mil-spec standpoint, you can get the barrel profile you want and the OEM parts are easy to get! Good luck with you dilemma.
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 5:18:29 AM EDT
my NIB MT6731 that i got just over a month ago doesn't have the sear block. serial# CJC...
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 9:53:00 AM EDT
I have the Colt Match target M4 and love it. It is my 1st AR and after a short break in period and 500 rounds it performs flawlessly. $700 N.I.B. and got 3 hi caps, scopemount, cheek rest and sling for anther $45. Did trigger upgrade last month and it is definitly better than stock. Now if I can just deside what to put on it :)
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 11:37:52 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 2:06:36 PM EDT
I was in the market for an M4 type not very long ago and I was looking at the Colt's but I went with a RRA instead. I just wasn't that impressed with the Colt civilian models at all. I am very pleased with my decision.
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