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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 11/22/2012 10:37:08 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/22/2012 10:39:02 AM EST by WJK]
New LE6920, and new to this forum.


First question, does this have the standard M4 profile barrel, or is it the heavier M4A1 profile?

Second, I have fired around 200 rounds of 55 gr through it, and it has functioned flawlessly (even with some old GI magazines, that are troublesome in other AR's!). I will be switching to Black Hills 77 gr (equivalent of MK262 Mod 1), so is it wise to install something like this?


Third, I have an Trijicon ACOG TA01 (NOT a TA01NSN). It is calibrated for 55 gr from a 20" barrel, mounted way high up on the handle of something like an M16A2. I am thinking of getting the TA51 flattop adapter, and trying it on the M4. Would it just be a waste of money, time, and ammunition to try this out? I am concerned that the trajectories will be so very different, that it won't even be close enough to be workable.

Link Posted: 11/22/2012 10:59:15 AM EST
The barrel on the 6920 is a standard M4 profile with 203 cut out.
I highly recommend PMags over USGI. I sold off all my USGI mags a long time ago. You have a good rifle. I would add a good sling and light. Try the ACOG and see how close the BDC is. I use the TA31RCO M4 on my Colt 6700 and it is very, very close with my 55 gr FMJ reloads. On my M4 I have installed the M4 SD II flash comp and it is amazing at what this does to control muzzle rise!!!
Link Posted: 11/22/2012 11:11:41 AM EST
You don't need to upgrade your rifle if you want to shoot the heavier stuff
Link Posted: 11/22/2012 2:18:28 PM EST
No problem on mounting the ACOG on the flattop you should be close enough that you won't be able to tell a difference.

Really don't need the bolt kit upgrade and you have the standard profile not the heavier profile.
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