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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 1/17/2015 1:18:39 AM EST
Hello again everyone, I posted about flip up vs fixed sights a couple months ago and got some awesome advice so I have another couple questions for you all. I was planning on getting the BCM KMR 13" with a Daniel Defense fixed front sight for my Spikes Carbine and really like the look and weight of it... But then I saw a couple pics of the Centurion C4 Carbine Cut Out... I have a Magpul MOE SL handguard on it now and while I love length and where it allows me extend my hand around the FSB, the light mounting options are very limited and not to my liking, hence the C4 where it allows many more options while keeping my hand in the same comfortable spot and not fully , and uncomfortably, extended like the now popular "Costa" grip. Plus I'm used to quad rails and their additional width fills my large hands better, but the SL isn't uncomfortable so that's not a big deal. So I'm torn between the two rails but I have two specific questions that would help me decide on what to do with my only current AR. So with all of that being said, my post is a two part question.

One: how does the KMR and/or Centurion C4 rails stand up to use and abuse? Aka those who have beat them up in carbine courses or use them on patrol rifles?

Two: Being that both require different FSB's, which would be better for a SHTF/possible patrol rifle? I don't see the KMR flexing much to throw the Daniel front sight off but I know the standard pinned FSB attached to the barrel is trusted by many for it's durability and reliability. Am I thinking too much on this?

Thanks again and sorry if I'm asking stupid questions and being long winded. I unfortunately don't know anyone around me that could let me play with either set up in person. I haven't even seen a C4 rail in person before but I've read nothing but great things.
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