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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/11/2006 10:07:04 PM EST
I'm new to ar15 but have been reading alot, I still can't seem to find what I want.

I want a gun capable of being very accurate at ranges of 800-1000 plus yards. I'd be satisfied with 800 if I could find the gun that could have/do all I wanted. I would like the gun to be as short as posible to achive those ranges. I want a larger caliber than .223, I want the gun to be capable of being more lethal with less accuracy. So I was thinking of going 9mm, but I do not know if that will be acurate at the range I want. I own a glock 34, I've read Oly. has conversion to accept glock clips in AR15, that would come in handy. If not 9mm then .308? a AR10?

I want to be able to upgrade to full auto in the future with a dias, I'm not clear if manufactures are selling AR15's with all the other M16 parts besides the sear? Does something have to be done different to have full auto 9mm? .308?. If not, the I could but a 50 cal. upper on a fire full autohug.gif?

The gun must also capable to have a suppresor and I wonder how this will effect the range of gun. I want a adjustable butt stock and a carbine with rails. I would like to have the option of mounting a bipod that swivils on the front rail or take it off and install a rail mount m203 in the future. I also want to have a variable zoom scope from 2-30x even up to 2-50x, I may want to put a day/night version of that zoom range of scope on the gun too. I want to have a laser sight that is dead on acurate up to as many yards as it can. I want the gun to be quality made that will last awhile. So now you know what I want, I've been looking all over and can't seem to find the gun or parts I need, can you please help me form a list of the best parts and prices? Thanks

So here is a list of what I want the gun to have and be capable of:

Very accurate at ranges above 800 yards
Larger caliber that .223
short in length as possible but still capable of 800+ yards(silencer will be added on)
Capable of full auto by only having to buy DIAS
A flat top rail capable of mounting a 2-50x day/night scope
Adjustable butt stock
carbine with 4 sided rails( can mount bipod/rail mount m203)
laser sight
suppressor (prefer gemtech/surefire) around -30db or more
bipod that swivils and is rail mountable
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