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Posted: 6/19/2004 6:34:49 PM EDT
I'm waiting for the AW ban to sunset and want to built an M4. I was going to order a Bushmaster preban M4 complete upper, but now am not sure how to order it. I want to use an Aimpoint ML2 (??) 2MOA NV compatible scope. Should I go with an A2 or A3 upper? What is the best way to mount the aimpoint?

Any posted pics of M4/CAR with aimpoint greatly appreciated.


Link Posted: 6/19/2004 6:51:56 PM EDT
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Why not build your upper your self? Its fun, easy and you get to hand select your parts (a little cheaper too). Shop around a little for a good price. Although I love bushmaster. I used an RRA upper/lower with a Bushy M4 barrel with Izzy brake. And if all goes well in sept. I will have a FS installed along with tele-scopeing stock.

Good Luck and welcome to the board!

You will find plenty of M4gery pics in the New AR Picture thread under AR discussion.Lots of AR configurations
Link Posted: 6/19/2004 7:36:54 PM EDT
A3 is definitely the way to go with an M4(gery). The popular mount is the ARMS offset, but I like/have the KAC offset. The M2 is the NV compatible one (unless I missed a memo).
Link Posted: 6/19/2004 10:12:22 PM EDT
+1 vote for the A3. And welcome to the board.
Link Posted: 6/20/2004 4:58:10 AM EDT
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The AW ban sunsetting isn't going to make any difference in California. The AW restrictions there will continue.
Link Posted: 6/20/2004 4:59:14 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/20/2004 6:39:55 AM EDT
They are currently registered with CA... so I'm still good...
Link Posted: 6/20/2004 5:29:35 PM EDT
The Aimpoint is 4MOA and only the 2x Aimpoint which sucks ass is 2MOA so to start with you dont want the 2 MOA Aimpoint. Second the ML is NOT NV compatable. You want the M2 NOT the ML2. Third you want an A3 flat top but dont want the carry handle. Spend the money on an ARMS, Troy or LMT rear sight instead of the carry handle. Another option is a cut acrry handle instead of the LMT unit. Id get an ARMS 40 A2 myself for a rear BUIS. Finally, to mount the Aimpoint get an ARMS mount and cantilever spacer.
Link Posted: 6/21/2004 12:44:41 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/21/2004 12:44:56 AM EDT by Cato]
my ceterum censeo:
Before buying the ARMS cantilever mount, I would e-mail
La Rue Tactical if their cantilever mount becomes available
soon. As nice as the ARMS stuff is, the LaRue Tactical
lever design, which compensates for non-spec. rails, tops it.

Link Posted: 6/23/2004 6:25:07 PM EDT
Here is a shot of my latest project, along with a 1944 dated German MP-43

Link Posted: 6/23/2004 6:32:17 PM EDT

Originally Posted By 101ABN327:
Here is a shot of my latest project, along with a 1944 dated German MP-43


Oh my, a German MP-43! Now that has to be one of the rarest, coolest rifles in anybodys collection. I'm now drooling!
Link Posted: 6/24/2004 6:05:28 PM EDT
It's a great piece and shoots like a dream. I've been looking for one of these for about 15 years and picked this one up 2 years ago. I remember when the sold for $750.00...
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 7:17:55 PM EDT
Which Aimpoint do you recommend? I'm a little confused... Should I go with 2MOA or 4 MOA?
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 7:41:51 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Chedderboy:
Which Aimpoint do you recommend? I'm a little confused... Should I go with 2MOA or 4 MOA?

Hit the optics forum.

(Get the M2 which is 4 MOA.)

Link Posted: 9/1/2004 7:42:23 PM EDT
My Aimpoint is a CompM-XD and it has a 3 moa dot. great for CQB style shooting. part #10148 Box says 7 and 10 moa available but they are not very useful on a rifle at any kind of distance.
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 12:10:21 AM EDT
i'd stay and research a crap load more before you buy...

if you want an aimpoint get a flatop and attach it with a larue mount...

look into colt/rra/cmmg/ and lmt...
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