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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/9/2006 4:49:46 AM EST
Hello all, - I am the FNG.

Have been wanting an AR for a little while now, and am ok with spending the 800-1000 dollars, but just haven't bought one, because I really don't know much about them, and don't want to make an uneducated buy. - At the suggestion of someone who turned me onto this board, I have decided to build my own. I think that will be half the fun. I looked over the "build your own" threads, and hope it's ok, but I have posted a pic of a members below here to show what I'm wanting to build. I def. want the 4 or 6 pos. tele stock, and I def. want optics. The gun below only with a tele stock is the style I want to build. - Also think that I want to build the most plain gun initially, and then as I play with it, can decide what accessories I really want and don't want.

will post pic below
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 4:51:48 AM EST



Let me know where to start. What do I buy first? What piece/s have to be bought with FFL?
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 5:23:04 AM EST
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Link Posted: 2/9/2006 5:53:48 AM EST
No, no specific brands, as I am leaning towards some input from this board on what/who, etc.. for that. Like I said, I'm ready to start, and want to drop a couple of hundred now - Just need direction on how/where to get started. Someone recommedned starting with the outfit in KC, and getting a stripped lower, but I looked over the website, and it shows lowers out of stock.

Link Posted: 2/9/2006 5:59:34 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 6:52:55 AM EST
ok - thanks will check him out

On another thread people kept refering to EE for parts - Is that a classified section on here somewhere?
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 7:11:40 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 7:32:35 AM EST
Thanks for that link. He has Mega complete lower halves with RRA stocks for a little over 2 something - are there any pro's/cons to buying one this way?
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 7:42:57 AM EST
possibly found a upper w/ bull barrell

pro's/cons ?

Can you tell by the pic what this is worth...ballpark

Link Posted: 2/9/2006 8:35:06 AM EST
personally if i was you i would get the complete rifle kit from model one sales. But make sure you buy a different lower parts kit than the one that comes with it as that one is junk, but other than the kit all you would need is the stripped lower. Now all you have to do is decide what barrel profile and length that you want, flat top (better for mounting scope) or the carry handle top. MODEL 1 Sales KITS
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 8:36:28 AM EST
for the complete rifle you would be into it aproximately $600 dollars. That should leave enough left over in your budget to buy a scope and possibly even a railed forearm or some mags and ammo.
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 9:11:50 AM EST
Will check out that link.

Anyone care to comment on the pic I posted above - Can get that upper locally. Wondering what it's worth before dropping the money though. its and Oly.
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 10:31:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 10:50:11 AM EST
would 375 be a average/cheap/high?
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 10:58:38 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 11:04:57 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 11:11:43 AM EST

Link Posted: 2/9/2006 11:23:02 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 2:33:36 PM EST
looking through a local classified today, and there's a BM complete new lower for 250. Guy makes mention that will have to provide eligibility papers..? (what is that), and FFL will need to be involved.

How does it work buying the lowers online when you have to provide FFL?

Guessing you get a local business to run you through, and then mail an original inked copy to the seller????? Is this right? - Is it a hassle, is it common practice?
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 2:54:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 4:49:36 PM EST
A guy has a DSA a couple hours away - pro'd cons on those (not to steer this thread in a diff direction) - just came up. says its a ban model m4
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 5:05:49 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 3:33:37 AM EST
possible, but he is advertising it as DSA...

going to a local shop around noon today and see if 1: they have any lowers, and/or 2 what they'll charge for me to order online and have shipped to them. (isn't that how you have to buy lowers online?)
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 5:11:16 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 5:30:21 AM EST
well, - good luck to him, and it sounds like your doing the right thing - Keep the individuals in business when you can... I allot rather trade with mom and pop outfits.
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 8:27:43 AM EST
Seems allot of people are at the shot show

Have located (from gunsamerica) a couple different FFL transfer options.

Will updat everyone in a few days hopefully with a lower in my hand.
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 11:22:40 AM EST
Here's where I'm at.

Have a lpk ordered and on its way.
Have a 4-pos stock ordered and on its way

Local dealer has RRA stripped lowers, but they're 150... Have located some internet sales for around 110, but then 20 bucks for FFL service.... I may just buy the RRA from the local.

This stock I just bought from a gentleman in the EE section "will" fit an RRA lower right? says it came with a kit he had boughthttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/benny429/Picture001.jpg
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 11:27:22 AM EST
I'm basically trying for a build as cheap as I can. Have seen allot of posts where people are saying they have pieced them together for 300 or so... Of course I don't have any spare surplus parts, nor do I have any buddies that are into AR's - (on my list of people to meet though...lol for just that reason)

Right now, I am rationalizing my purchases based on the cost of an RRA lower with stock (290 locally) or 240 and then the 20 dollar ffl service plus shipping.. So maybe 275.

Link Posted: 2/14/2006 12:22:25 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 3:21:21 PM EST
Pretty sure of the answer here, but need to be 100% I see some talk about big hole and small hole stuff.... Will a Colt upper work with a RRA lower, or are there more details to it than that?
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 3:25:03 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 3:39:43 PM EST
understood. - The adapter/s - Are there several, or just one? Ball-park whats the cost? (This will help me decide if the colt upper is cheap enough to chance it)
Link Posted: 2/28/2006 1:47:27 PM EST
OK, here's where I'm at. I got a little impatient and bought a carbon upper. Had a little trouble getting them together today, but have it now. Going to the range tomorrow, and will report back with a function "ok" no-k" then.

Assembled from:

RRA lower stripped - 137
RRA/RB precision lpk - 56
4-pos. stock from EE -25
Carbon Upper from EE - 300

518 as is. (not including the red-dot) - Guessing I may could have saved a bit more if, I'd waited and pick on some deals and pieced the upper together.

Going to try and post pictures on here.. My OL said don't get my face if your putting these on the internet.. (btw, she came home and caught me with it in complete state this evening in the garage - Last week, she seen the lpk, and ask what it was, and I replied just some pieces for a long term rfle build I'm starting... 6 days later there's a complete rifle. (I'm cooking tonight)

Link Posted: 2/28/2006 1:48:44 PM EST
hmmmm - That was a bust.

If someone can host them for me (and doesn't mind), let me know, and I'll email them to you.
Link Posted: 2/28/2006 3:31:12 PM EST
Here you go

Link Posted: 3/1/2006 4:02:39 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/1/2006 4:12:14 PM EST by itsme4now]
I shot it today, and it was allot smoother and sound that I imagined. I shot it a few times at maybe 50 yards with the iron/stock sights, and was shooting pretty good groups although sites were shooting a little to the right - Adjusted the iron sights, and then tried the red-dot. It shot really good groups, but high and to the right - Didn't have time to adjust on them, but will do when I return.

Now, my big question is:

Where is the best, and cheapest ammo.. (Yes - the two together) Who has the best deal on good ammo?

Thank You.
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