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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/17/2003 8:47:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/17/2003 8:49:14 PM EST by akjunkie]
please follow link. or cut and paste.


anyone else got the same problem as me?
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 8:58:04 PM EST
I got that same upper myself this week(after 2 1/2 months wait). Did you see my post about the finish coming off the inside of the receiver? How is yours?
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 9:14:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/17/2003 9:15:17 PM EST by jtw2]
You don't show the rest of the bolt so I can't be sure, but the bottom bolt looks like an M-16 bolt to me. Better check it out... [url]http://gunsnet.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=120022[/url] edited to make the link hot...
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 9:16:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/17/2003 9:17:59 PM EST by themao]
You paid $700 for the upper or the entire rifle sir? That sucks about the lower handguard. Their handguards aren't to spec then. Enlighten me now: What did they change about the bolt carrier? I wonder if this means that I should buy an Armalite receiver (or Colt) if I ever buy another AR-15 for prole pimpin. Edited to add: Is it just the pic, or does your Bushy lower look purplish? How old is that lower? I've seen some Bushies do this over time. I wonder about their parkerizing sometimes.....I guess my favorite dealer doesn't like Bushy for a reason, besides the quality of their barrels for full auto rifles.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 7:47:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/18/2003 7:55:03 AM EST by DevL]
Jeez, newbies really can find some retarted stuff to complain about. 1. Detatchable carry handles only go to 600m because of the space taken up by the mount. They are ALL this way so why are you complaining? I just dont get it... If you had done even a little reasearch you would know this. 2. You had a 4 inch blemish and reblued it eh? Thats odd because you CAN NOT BLUE the reciever! so all you did was probably end up oiling it and it was a dry spot or something. If you cold blued it NOTHING will happen. Its aluminum. 3. Bushamster cannot use milspec handguards. That is a copyright of Colt. You want a milspec M4 handguard get a Colt handguard. There is not milspec "regular carbine" handguard. I dont think you will end up being happy with that add on rail in the future either. 4. You have the protected firing pin ramp on your carrier. You are either A.) A lucky SOB or B.) Bushmaster has improved their carriers permanantly. You see that section used to be cut out as a safety feature in case you pulled your disconnector and it was going into slam fire full auto. Keeping that section adds weight and reliability and is much more desireable. After talking to a Bushmaster tech just last week, he said that only about 1% of the carriers are that way due to them running out of AR15 carriers and milling back the rear of the M16 carriers. I PAY TO HAVE THE M16 carrier and EXTRA to have it milled to keep the thing AR15 compliant. You got it for free with your rifle. You are lucky and it sounds like you are complaining about that too. Then the newbie after you complains how his finish wore off the inside of his upper... I could not find his therad but the finish on the inside of the BUshmaster uppers is a dry film lube designed to aid in smoothness/function/reliability and is only there for break in. It wears away quickly and if you use CLP it will go away in just a few cleanings and a solvent like Gun Scrubber can completely remove it. Yet another newbie complaining about that which is supposed to be that way. Bushmaster has an almost perpetual wait for certain barrles like the M4 for example. THis is just how it is due to demand. Go try to get a 1/7 twist M4 barrel when there has not been a recent contract with the DOD or DOE. You may wait a YEAR for one of those barrels. If they did not say your order was IN STOCK and shipping tomorrow you really have no reason to complain. Next time try asking questions instead of just bitching.... you may not have a reason to bitch.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 10:28:12 AM EST
Damn dude, why such the hostilities? yeh, i am a newbie. thats why i am here asking questions. ok, now i know all detach handles only go up to 600meters. Do research? i did. bush website doesnt mention the detach handle goes to 600meters. i just thought it was odd. my other carbine with 14.5in barrel with A2 sites go up to 800m. and my new 16in upper only goes up to 600m. so all the 20inch M16's in the US military with an A3 detach handle maxes out at 600m? Your right, i cant re-blu an Aluminum receiver. wrong terminology. i used Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black Metal touch up. would u feel better if i said, i re-Blacked my receiver? I did it myself.. didnt want to waste $20 UPS (and risk of my Upper getting lost/stolen) and waiting another 8 weeks. Wasnt complaining about my Bolt carrier. i have 3 AR's all Bushmasters. Just wondering why it was a different design. wasnt in the military and never shot a Real M16 so i wouldnt know what an M16 bolt carrier looks like. now that i own one, that does make me a lucky SOB. two years ago, i order a M4A2 upper. (part# pura2b 14M4MY) 14.5 in barrel with 1.5in mini Y comp. it came with standard A2 lower handgaurds. the M4 HG (#1005-914-4573) is an OPTIONAL $20 at time of ordering. my latest Upper.(pura2b 16m4a3) turns out, came with M4 HG's even tho i didnt order it for an extra $20. i still prefer the A2 HG's. (#1005-914-4572). And i wasnt bashing bushmaster. i did say they make the best AR's out there and after receiving my latest upper. i went ahead and ordered their new 24inch Fluted Varmint upper. take it easy man. u just reading words. u cant see my face, my expression, or hear the tone of my voice. u make it sound like i was being Malicious. take it easy Bro. and thanks for the information u provided.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 12:35:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/18/2003 12:37:00 PM EST by DevL]
Sorry if I misread your tone. It just seemed like you were complaining. If you had to use Alumiblack that would not be acceptable to me and I would be pissed off too. Bushamster has good customer service but I understand the not want ing to wait thing. I found the guys post about the Bushmaster upper and he says its bare metal inside not just the film coming off. I really wonder if they had a batch of bad anodizing on uppers or something. I can say I got a new flat top Bushmaster upper and although the fit and finish was perfect as I could ever expect. The color was not what I expected. My preban lower is black and I asked them to hand pick a black one and make sure it had no hint of purple. Well when I got my new upper it was not black it was BLACK. I mean now my lower looks purple compared to it. I never thought it looked purple before. [:(] Guess you can have too much of a good thing... Oh and I had a HORRIBLE hangover while I was typing that first response. I can be a real dick if I am not feeling well, sorry.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 8:36:54 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 9:24:45 PM EST
Ummm, I think that the detachable carry handles for M4's goes to 600. My detachable carry handle for my 20" goes to 800. This is more a feature of the barrel length than the fact that it's on a carry handle.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 12:01:38 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 8:50:11 AM EST
Devl, look at my pic. i think my rifle looks like yours. the upper is BLACK, and my lower kinda looks purple. FYI, my buddy just received his RRA Varmint upper and it also came with the "NEW" design M16 bolt carrier. maybe RRA buys their Bolt's from Bush?
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 10:54:44 AM EST
Mine is not quite that big a difference but it is noticable under the right light.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 6:56:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/19/2003 6:58:41 PM EST by Edge767]
I just took the pics of my rear sight on my removable carry-handle 20" AR15. Here's a small pic: [img]http://www.burnerblog.com/gallery/albums/userpics/AR15A4/normal_8-3%20004.jpg[/img] And more pictures can be found (including the full-size images) [url=http://www.burnerblog.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=12]HERE.[/url]
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 5:55:50 AM EST
"Jeez, newbies really can find some retarted stuff to complain about." "Detatchable carry handles only go to 600m because of the space taken up by the mount. They are ALL this way so why are you complaining? I just dont get it... If you had done even a little reasearch you would know this." Edge, that is a very Clean and Clear pic. thanks for posting it for me. i might try calling Bush today to see if i can exchange my detach handle for another one with 800m sites. And thanks for doing the Research and providing us with REAL Facts instead of cussing people out.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 7:50:57 AM EST
This would be the first carry handle I've seen with a 8/3 marking. It may just be that someone used an 8/3 wheel when the 6/3 wheel should have been used. I have my doubts that this is a properly set up detatchable carry handle.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 8:24:51 AM EST
I agree I bet it does not spin all the way around to 8/3 in the pic its at 3 not 8. If this exists and matches the ballistics I will be suprised but then again you learn something new everyday. Also when did I cuss you akjunkie? I dont recall that. Also I thought you understood I had a hangover and was a dick because of that in my appology. Guess appology not accepted, oh well.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 9:06:38 AM EST
Hmmm... I got it as a J&T kit. I just turned the sight to the 8 setting: how many times around do you want me to turn it and get a picture for you? It goes around quite a few times: I went three complete turns around, and it still had room to go. I don't see why this would be "wrong." The 6/3 seems wrong to me on a 20" bbl, but that's just from my experience with M16A2's in the USMC. I never said I knew everything: I just rely on my experience, and experience tells me that a 20" should have the 8/3 on it regardless of detachable or fixed. There is a chance that I could be wrong, but judging where I learned this from (USMC), that chance is slim. Semper Fi!
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 9:14:05 AM EST
I never did any research on 20" ARs so I guess that could be the case. I did not know they had seperate carry handles for 16" and 20" ARs. Like I said I am fairly ignorant when it comes to 20" ARs.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 9:28:39 AM EST
My new RRA 16" carbine has the same 6/3 DCH. I will admit that I may be the newest of newbies around here. I have to agree that sometimes the typical online research does not turn up the proper information. My RRA DCH has a notch labeled "z" which is 2 clicks past the 6/3 mark. I took this to mean "zero" when I first fired my rifle, and I sighted the rifle in as such. Now I am sitting here scratching my head wondering if I screwed up! I guess I'll have to make another range trip if I did it wrong. Tisk, tisk [:D] Hopefully I don't get the same flamage for being a newbie! All in all, the RRA M4gery shoots like a dream and was putting bullets on top of one another from the get-go, not to mention the fact that I am accustomed to the pistol-type sights found on the AK copies. B9
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 11:01:34 AM EST
since the m4 wont shoot accurately out to 800m dont worry about it. the m4 is so hyped up it is not funny. the field tests in afghanistan and iraq showed that the sf and infantry troops had accuracy problems at long distances and the green tip ammo went right through the bad guys and required two shots. sacrifice accuracy for a groove for a m203??? i'll pass. you would think that god created a new gun in the m4. everyone has to have one because it is the latest cool toy. give me an a2 anyday over a m4. i'll outshoot you and my arms can carry the extra weight.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 1:30:44 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 4:56:02 PM EST
We can do that. I'll get another pic with the ruler next to it ('cause you and I both know that people won't believe anything unless they see it themselves!).
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 8:52:20 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 8:54:29 PM EST
Calipers... yes... hmmm... must buy... I can get these at Home Depot, right? [:)] I may have some in the garage, but if not, I'll have to buy a set.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 5:36:44 PM EST
Originally Posted By DevL: I never did any research on 20" ARs so I guess that could be the case. I did not know they had seperate carry handles for 16" and 20" ARs. Like I said I am fairly ignorant when it comes to 20" ARs.
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Hmmmm...purhaps you should do a shit load of research in the future before tearing into someone's ass, huh? Assclown....
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 10:17:33 PM EST
Does not change the fact there are no 800m detatchable carry handles on 16" barreled ARs and we still have not seen if they even exist for a 20" barrel. Like I said I had a hangover, forgive me, I actually go out and dont sit on the computer all day like some people.
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