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Posted: 10/16/2004 12:36:29 PM EDT
Im always curious as to how diff. ammo will work or not work, jus incase I for some reason need to shoot it. Anyways. The rifle is Franken AR with Bushmaster Superlite 1/9 16" w/ levang linear muzzle brake, DPMS lo-pro upper, Oly lower and ACe stock, wilson combat rear flip up and traditional FSP.

Anyways the range I shoot at is only 50yards so this is what I had to work with.

The TTI was a bit more louder than the Engel. The Engel was like shooting standard velocity .22lr ammo and had no recoil. Both rounds did NOT cycle the bolt (they arent suppose to either). The rounds were not 'dirty' like my Aquila SSS that I shoot outa my 10/22. At 50yards I had about 2-3" drop, but was centered otherwise.

I also test 2 boxes of BlackHIlls 75 and 77gr match ammo. Both rounds worked the same, they were both right on target at 50yards , no drop, Im guessing that out to 200yards it would be considerable,but this is the only range I could get to today. I was jus more curious about the 1/9 twist, but 50yards probably isnt a good comparision, I only fired about 8 rds of each, ill save it for a better range.

The kick and sound report of the Blackhills ammo was right in par with XM193 , maybe even louder.

soap take it for what its worth, which may not be much. lol.
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