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Posted: 8/26/2005 10:04:19 PM EDT
My entry gun is a Commando. Two years ago our team went mainly to M4's/Commando's and fortunately our recent engagements have been outdoors. We have been looking into hearing protection so no one will have to get the early retirement package should we "fear for our safety" indoors. So far we've tested some full size cans (way to heavy and too long) and tried the electronic ears from various manufactures.
What I would love is a FH/SUPRSR that recesses back two inches to the FSB and only extends an inch or two past the barrel. I use a Vortex now so my goal is to stay with the same overall length. I just want enough noise cancelling effect to get the sound levels in the handgun ranges. I fugure my ears can take that much better. This way I don't have a huge can on the end of my entry gun and my Commando stays a Commando......... Thnx
Link Posted: 8/26/2005 10:55:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/26/2005 11:02:25 PM EDT by DevL]
Shortest suppressor out there will extend you r length 3.75" and requires a 11.5" barrel to fit so it can "slip over" something. Even then you must go to an SPR style gas block and flip forn sight on the rail. The two to look at are the Troy and the Surefire cans. Troy is 21.5 oz and the Surefire 17 oz and the Surefire has an integrated A2 flash hider. Troy can use any flash hider including A2, Vortex, Phantom etc. Troy is $880 and Surefire over $1000. Surefire wont let anyone but the military do testing on the suppression figures of their cans. I am in the process of buying a Troy can and will send it off to silencertests.com to get it evaluated. However you wont have results till Christmas at the earliest. I know its not what you are looking for but its still shorter than a 16" barrel with A2 flash hider or a 10.5" barrel with regular suppressor on it.

Other than that you want to look at the Noveske/Kink flash hider to direct sound forward and away from your team members. Its the size you want and will help save your ears but it is NOT a suppressor in the truest sense. It simply redirects the sound forward instead of allowing it to go in all directions. Light it off in a small enclosed room and its going to be LOUD. On the plus side its cheap and only weighs 4oz.
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