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Posted: 10/11/2004 11:30:34 AM EDT
This is my first build /AR purchase. i searched for barrell breakin threads but did not see any. I know about the first five shots clean after every round method but does anyone lap their barrells or have better suggestions. My rifle is to be used for coyote hunting plinking and a little range work. I want to do everything possible to make it accurate and perform well over the long haul. I will not be a high volume shooter.

I have purchased a one piece cleaning rod, jag, patches Hoppes 9, brush, mop, and CLP.

Please advise.

DPMS lower (to be replaced with Armalite for cosmetics)
Rock river internals stock trigger
Ace stock
hogue grip.
Armalite 16" target upper. (on sale at Quantico for $470.00 w/bolt and carrier)
"Cheap" tri rail scope mounts for my homemade light
I intend to purchase a burris 4.5 x 14 Bal plex and a rock river one piece mount for more accurate shooting.

I realize that I could of probably purchased a new/factory rifle out of the box, but this one is the way that I wanted it.

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 2:01:26 PM EDT

Might take a look at this.

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 2:43:19 PM EDT

Thanks for the link. I ran a brass brush through the barrell a couple of times and ran a patch with a little CLP on it before I posted.

It sounds like I am ready to go out and zero my scope.

I noticed that alot of folks on ARF prefer chrome lined barrells over stainless. I like the idea of a stainless barrell for a couple of reasons.

What are the downsides of stainless? Keep in mind, I am not going to be burning cans of ammo every week. Maybe 100 rounds at the range once a month and 5-10 rounds hunting or pest control.

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