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Posted: 8/28/2005 8:24:32 AM EDT
Hello, I'm an 18-year-old who has just been legally allowed to own firearms. So far, I have bought a Ruger 10/22 that I absolutely love, and I want to get another rifle so I can take friends to the range and so I can have something with a bit more oomph =)

I absolutely love the M4-style rifles, and I was thinking about getting a stock one until I saw the SEBR deal. It really seems like a great rifle for the money, and my only complaint is that it doesn't have a carry handle.

So, a few questions. First, is it worth getting a stock M4 with a carry handle? I notice that the carry handle is about $100 or so, which would push the SEBR to about $950 for me ($760 + $50 nonmember fee + $20 FFL charge + $100 carry handle). At that price, should I just get something else? Also, this seems like a stupid question, but does the SEBR still have iron sights?

Also, how accurate are the M4s? What kind of grouping could I expect from one?

Thanks so much!!
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 9:22:56 AM EDT
Welcome aboard Solarius.

The AR is a fine weapon and the SEBR is a great one to get. The big thing about the SEBR is it comes with a 1/7 twist BBL. Most off the shelf new rifles have a 1/9. The SEBR has all of the desirable goodies. The few items that may be lacking rear Iron site, and or carry handle is a small price to pay.
Check out the Ammo Oracle and you will gather the information on bullets and twist rates.
Click here

The AR platform is a great weapon and accurate as well.
Depending on the ammo you choose to shoot you can easily expect 1” MOA at 100 yards. But this all depends on who is behind the trigger.

Link Posted: 8/28/2005 9:26:26 AM EDT
Take a ride down to the store and see what you like (or surf the web). All ARs shoot well. If you want to put a scope on it then I recommend a flat top style receiver. If you like the traditional then get it with the carry handle. RRA makes a good rifle, so does many other companies like bushmaster Panther arms and colt. Shop for the best price and features you want. Here is my RRA A2 with an M16 sling. I like traditional stuff.
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