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Posted: 8/24/2004 3:33:27 PM EDT
Today I checked my old shotgun stock with a poly finish on it. I had several different gun oils soaking on it for the last several months. The oils/grease were as follows:

Tetra Grease
Tetra oil
Hoppes oil
Butches gun oil
Break Free CLP
Tw25B oil
Tw25B Grease

The only one that damaged the wood finish was the Tetra grease. It left an out line where it sat and little cracks in the finish that can not be felt with a finger nale.

Butches also left an outline where it sat and left the area darker but did not seem to harm the finish other then that.

The stock seemed just as it did before my test with the exception of the Tetra grease test spot.

I don't think I will buy Tetra products any more I have read about Tetra harming Plastic, wood, rubber ect many times before and now I saw it 1st hand. All these materials are found on guns and you would think Tetra would make a product 100% safe on firearms.

Tw25B and Hoppes gun oil are probibly the safest to use on gun finishes and the others probibly fine too. So I have eliminated 1 lube on my quest for the perfect gun oil! The sad part is the Tetra was the slickest of the bunch by quiet a bit. Just by doing a simple between the fingers test it was easy to feel the difference on how slick it was over the others. But being that it will harm your gun's finish (wood anyway) I will not use it.
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 7:54:45 PM EDT
Thanks for sharing the information SS40.Good information and interesting.
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 10:18:18 PM EDT
I did study the spot that the Tetra grease left it's mark on. The cracks were lines in the grain that must have expanded or something. I do not believe they are cracks but just where the finish expanded along those little surface lines in the wood. The tetra must of absorbed into the finish and expanded it.

Also all the lubes except the Tetra oil and grease and the TW25B grease evaporated in 2 months and I had to keep adding oil to keep it wet.
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 11:21:12 PM EDT
Thats the problem with oils,they evaporate.Its just a fact we have to deal with as gun collectors.If the weapons are stored in lockers or cabinets out of circulating air in the room from fans and or the AC etc. the oil will last for months.If out in open air of the room,like gun racks etc. the oils evaporate very fast.Usually within a month.
But with oils like CLP,both Break Free and FP-10 even if they do evaporate the inhibitor component and a small amount of oil stays on and in the metal pores.And in the case of FP-10 the EP film with its oil retaining capacity is also on the metal with its inhibitors,although microscopic.
TW-25B sticks around for a long time thats for sure.Its a darn good lube too.Thats why I use it on my pistols inside and out.Pins,sear etc. get the MC-2500 oil...drop of oil on each.Pretty much lube them and forget about it.I was using level 2 application with the TW-25B but had a problem with dust and lint attachment on carry guns.After talking with S-28 some I went to a level 1 application as he recommended.No more dust bunnies but the protection is not really there in the long term.Instead of going extended periods(weeks) without relubing like I did with a level 2 application I have to check the pistol every night and relube as needed on the carry guns.Usually give the carry gun(92FS) a fresh coat of TW-25B once a week.No rust but the surfaces look very very dry so I give in to a dash of TW-25B here and there.
This has worked well for me over the last few months.
For the FP-10 I have been going 3 months before relubing weapons(rifles) in storage.Have actually gone six months without a problem...especially on the weapons in the lockers.If they are carried or handled they are oiled once home or before they go back in the lockers.Never had any rust with FP-10 either.
Like I said before:
My favorite lubes and I have alot of faith in both...I just hope they dont decide to change formula's for the worse any time soon.
Sorry for the rambling.
Link Posted: 8/25/2004 11:33:44 AM EDT
Good info and thanks!!!
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