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Posted: 4/24/2004 6:22:04 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/24/2004 7:22:07 PM EST
You ain't the only one; a friend of mine had the 3rd gen model on his M1A, and it lasted all of 60 or so rounds before he heard pieces of glass rattling around in it. I had a 4.5-14x40mm that did ok, but after the MANY reports I've seen of SA scopes being garbage, you couldn't give me one.
Link Posted: 4/25/2004 6:21:10 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/25/2004 6:25:26 AM EST by Greybeard]
Have a second Gen springfield scope here, also on a AR10, eight shots , then the scope went blurry, return to Springfield for service three week, then back on the rifle, about 200 round and seems ok now.

Last year the scope specs were changed by Springfield to a max of 50 mm objective instead of the 56mm.

So far so good with the scope , If I have more trouble I will sell the Springfield and buy something else that has the first focal plane reticle and the rangefinding, really like the first focal plane reticle, on the variable scope.
Link Posted: 4/25/2004 6:26:19 AM EST
I have a six year old 1st generation model that's has thousands of rounds run though it. Sorry, works fine.

Now my Aimpoint Comp M is on its way to the factory for the second time in six weeks.
Link Posted: 4/25/2004 5:20:39 PM EST
I have seen many problems from diff people with SA Scopes.
Link Posted: 4/25/2004 5:59:46 PM EST
A buddy of mine's SA 3rd Gen broke after something like 20 or 30 rounds of .308 on a 700P. Springfield took good care of him and had it back to him in about 2 weeks.

It was immediately put on ebay upon the return and he went and bought a Leupold M3.

Don't ya love happy endings

Link Posted: 4/26/2004 7:04:41 AM EST
Aimless, that is crap. Call Springfield for sure. Maybe you can trade it in towards an M1A
Link Posted: 4/26/2004 7:10:07 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/26/2004 7:30:16 AM EST
That hearing loss problem can be readily explained by the AR10 blast enhancer on the end of your carbines barrel
Link Posted: 4/26/2004 11:47:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/26/2004 10:18:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/27/2004 1:11:08 AM EST
I had the SA 6-20x 3rd gen, bought it brand new and after a few rounds of .308 the zoom ring stuck at 8x. I lost the warranty forms and the box but I called them anyway. The good thing was SA customer service is first rate, and the repair cost me nothing. The scope was returned in a week or so, with a note from their technician that I should not turn the W&E to the max because it would cause the leaf springs broken and the piece caused the inner tube stuck when turned.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 5:44:51 PM EST
I think the problem is with the scopes that have that reticle with all the brackets you use to estimate range with. We use a 3rd Gen MIL-DOT on a .300 WINMAG and have had no trouble *knock on wood*. Good to know that they have good customer service in case something does happen though.
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